Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog anniversary

I thought today was the anniversary of my blog, so I was going to put a simple post up - but it turns out it was a few days ago (June 20) - so, I blew my first shot at remembering anniversaries. Hopefully the next important one goes better than this.

Now I look back at why I thought that and see that the data-recording software that runs in the background wasn't installed until June 24, meaning I don't have any statistics from the first couple of days. I would imagine that they'd be remarkably insignificant anyhow.

4,685 visits
2,479 absolute unique visitors
6,969 page views
Most visits in a day: 83 (Jan. 29, 2009)
Most page views in a day: 106 (Jan. 29, 2009)
Most popular page: The Mist - 1,429 visits
Most popular locations:
  • North America 2,540 visits; South America 87; Central America 26
  • Canada 2,540; United States 1,218; Bermuda 8
  • Windsor 1,416; Burlington 346; London 151.
So there's some neat information.

Otherwise, some updates.


It was a disaster. I'll try again, but probably just practice rolling rice in the seaweed for a bit before making a bigger mess than necessary next time. That roll has to be tight.

The Extent
We're filming this morning. I didn't really get a very good breakdown of what all is going on, but it is always fun being on set and being a part of the production. It's almost addictive - like hanging out with your baseball team. Now there's a website for the show, too.

Instead of digging more stuff up on those projects I've been working on, I've taken a few days to read through a book on screenwriting. I've got through the first half that's been more anecdotal, the second half should be more instructive. Then I'll have an informed idea of how to move forward (although my instincts have served me well so far without the book - but this gives you move confidence that you're spending your time in the right places).

NHL Draft 2009
I'm looking forward to this. Again, this is the time for Burke to get some things done and I like to see him in action. June 26 I think is when this is. Friday night then Saturday in Montreal. Should be interesting.

That is all.

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