Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lost's breaking news

For anyone following along - we've all heard that Emile de Ravin, Dominic Monaghan and Maggie Grace have all been rumoured to return to Lost for the final season. Also, the executive producers basically admitted that the charcters of Mr. Eko and Libby were unhappy with filming in Hawaii and being killed off, respectively, and despite the producers have more story to tell with those characters, they've had to make do without them.

What hasn't come up yet has been Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's interest in returning to the final season as Mr. Eko once again. He says he'd do it, not that he's been asked to do it, yet.

Also, Charlie Pace's actor Monaghan reportedly had lunch with executive producer Damon Lindelof yesterday morning. If you believe that. So perhaps he will return to the show? Not sure.

This brings me to another topic: I watched Seasons 1 -3 without having any idea what the show was about, basically getting caught up to speed for season 4. I only got interested in the show because I hoped that the monster in the show would somehow shed some light on the monster from Cloverfield (which was being hyped to high heaven in late 2007).

So I started following along online with Lost and got caught up in all of the nonesense that goes along with it. That being said - I basically read every spoiler for Season 4, removing much of the surprises. I was reading lots of stuff online about Season 5 - but quit a few weeks before the season premiere this January - but, basically, I had read enough spoilers that I knew what was going to happen right up until the ninth episode of the 17-episode season, which isn't good. I just hated 'recalling' the filming reports.

So - I'm seriously considering not following along with any spoilers or anything BUT then we get into situations like this where in late June we're already hearing rumours about stuff going on. So if Triple A shows up in a scene, it'll not be as surprising becuase I'll be like, 'Oh, there he is,' Instead of 'Holy Cow, he's back.'

It's tough, because basically, I've been scanning the Internet for Lost stuff since late 2007 - it'll be a hard habit to break.

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