Thursday, July 30, 2009

breaking news

There's a very, very real chance that we're going to be packing up and heading out near Lindsay, Ont. for a job that my fiance has been offered.

It's out near New Market, Uxbridge, Port Perry, Oshawa, etc. oh, and Peterborough where two of my best buddies from high school work. Cool stuff.

It's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out - but it's definitely exciting news. I'm pumped about it.

Also, I'll be away at my cottage for a few days over the long weekend, so I don't know whether I'll be blogging around then or not - but I likely will. We'll just have to wait and see if "Pete's Cove" internet connection is still up and running.

Also, I've just released a news bulletin to the local media for The Extent:


July 30, 2009

Windsor, Ontario Canada


After seven months of development and production, two local producers are finally prepared to release a new online dramatic series filmed entirely here in Windsor, on August 5.

Described as “Lost meets War of the Worlds,” the action centres on eight main characters. Dealing with the normal pressures of their everyday lives, eight strangers awaken to find themselves mysteriously trapped together.

The trailer was released on YouTube two weeks ago, and is generating some excitement while the finishing touches continue to be made on the first few episodes. But there’s no doubt that the show will be ready for launch by Tuesday evening. The Extent is almost prepared to announce a major addition to the cast very shortly.

Releasing the show on YouTube provides several advantages to an independent producer. Series creator Jason Nassr says, “It’s not going to be a massive time commitment for people. It also is something that they’ll be able to watch whenever they want to watch it. It will be on demand, so very convenient. And definitely something that will have some characters that audiences care about.” Each episode will only run for approximately 10 minutes at a time.

Catch the story as it unfolds starting on Wednesday August 5, 2009 - Released at 7 p.m. EST. The first two episodes will be released together on August 5.

The Extent stars Dylan Dewdney as Tom Hunter and local thespian Leslie McCurdy as Mary. The show also features University of Windsor alumna Allie Boak as Rebecca Jenkins, as well as Windsor locals Melissa Amlin as Jessica, Maggie Yoell as Samantha Johanson, Steve Markou as Luther Vanette, and Jamell VanDusen as Adam Dollarhyde. Marvin Ramos also stars as Aman Anumpama.

Viewers can tune in by going to:


Contact Executive Producers Ryan Rogers or Jason Nassr for more information:

And I suppose it's okay for me to release the opening title sequence for The Extent, while we're at it. Enjoy.

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cara said...

lindsay is such a beautiful area its about an hour and a half away from my cottage.