Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic con's a-coming

Yeah, I'm excited for Saturday when we'll have footage from the Lost panel - hopefully with a new video or something teasing us or giving us a clue about the upcoming season and how to interpret the season finale from last May.

There are a lot of questions that were raised just in that episode alone, let alone the entire series - so it should be interesting to see what comes of the panel. More exciting, perhaps, is that it has been released that the Lost folks are going to have an auction next year for many of the iconic props from the series. So once the show is over, parts of the props department could be yours. That's neat. I haven't heard where the funds are going to, yet, but let's hope it's not just directly to ABC [though they're fully entitled to do so].

Strike un-news
Bargaining committees don't strike a deal, again - not big news, but the latest. But then, despite saying they would not picket the Special Olympics, CUPE workers demonstrated and held up workers who were cleaning up for the opening ceremonies.

Strike pre-news
With there being a lot less money laying around in the economy, it's understanding that there just isn't as much to go around. This is why we're seeing so many strikes - because there just isn't as much to share. There's an absolutely remarkable article on unionized labour in MacLean's Magazine about two weeks ago demonstrating the differences between the public sector and private sector, and ... well, you should read it for yourselves. [Seriously, it's a bit long, but it's a great article]

That being said - VIA Rail has given their 72 hours notice that they will be on strike soon. This is bad - because my buddy James is in Montreal, and is due back on the 23rd, I think. I hope he makes it back before the strike goes on - or he'll be stuck in Montreal for ... who knows how long! Be back before the weekend, or else you're stuck.

Hope you like striking - b/c nobody's working these days.

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