Friday, July 17, 2009

Good day for projects

Today I reached an agreement to work (very cheaply) as a blogger (once a week) for Excel Consultants. Basically kicking out 250 - 500 words of content on employee management, fund raising strategies, how to approach donors, how not to approach donors, etc, etc. Paid to blog is cool - (by the way, notice the Google Ad Links on the side banner of my blog to further help pay for my blogging - although I specifically agreed not to ask you to do that in the contract, so shhhh).

Zombie Dinosarus
Second: I'm writing another scene for Unbelievably Amazing Adventures. I'm on sc. x, meaning there are only four more scenes until the end of Act I - and then the adventure really picks up. The first Act is considered the "set up" which introduces you to the characters, who they are, what their lives are like, and puts them in a situation that turns their life, for better or worse, in a completely new direction.

Act II will be about obstacles that present themselves (probably about four of them, resulting from the protagonists' current situation, and their personality) and Act III is about a resolution from all of the events that have gone on.

But that's way in the future - for now, I'm close to wrapping up the first Act and scheming out the development of the second act, which will constitute the bulk of the story. That's going to be both awesome, difficult and rewarding - and probably take a long while, too. I can take some confidence knowing that this first Act has gone so smoothly that the second one will be as exciting to write as the first one.

The Extent
Lastly, we did a bit more filming on a few scenes for The Extent, and today I'll be watching Episode 3, "Solus" (which I think I wrote most of) for the first time. That's going to be really exciting to see the finished product. I think we've got all of the filming for episodes 1 (Pilot) and 2 (Arizona) in the can, so they'll be ready shortly.

In the mean time I'm going to write up some promotional dialogue for the 'voice over' guy to read when we're teasing upcoming episodes. I've got to get back on that soon.

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