Tuesday, July 14, 2009


CUPE and Windsor are still at the negotiating table. Yesterday CUPE provided a 'final offer' and Windsor then counter-offered. Mayor Eddie Francis's line, “In the CUPE world there might be, but there is no such thing as a final offer." These really aren't fighting words, but rather, he's saying they're still talking. Although it would make great dialogue in a Western.

Eddie Francis saunters to the centre of town below the old clock tower. It's high noon.

That's our final offer.

Francis twinkles his fingers over his holstered six-shooters hanging loosely at his hips.

In the CUPE world there might be, but there is no such
thing as a final offer.

Then a wild shootout knocking darkly dressed vermin cowboys through saloon windows.


Suing Lost for Plagarism
Did Lost steal some dialogue from someone? Was there reference to a book a little too specific? Nope, instead, someone's saying that Touchstone pictures has made an exact replica of their program.

This is neat - some guy apparently wrote the concept for the show Lost back in 1977 - and the studio wouldn't pick it up for years - and then out of nowhere they made the show. He contests that it wasn't an original idea, and in fact, has lists of similarities between the programs (all the more reason to register your plots and concepts with the WGA.) Is it a direct rip-off? We'll have to wait and see. Interesting, no doubt. Does he know the super secret ending to the show? would he spoil it for everyone? Interesting!

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