Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet the Maple Leafs

I guess you've all heard that the Leafs have gone and made some moves, but how about we introduce the new fellas?

Mike Komisarek
Big defenseman that the Canadians would definitely wanted to hang on to for next season. He's a tough and talented back-ender - which made it possible to deal away someone like Pavel Kubina for more of what Brian Burke is looking for.

Garnet Exelby

This guy is a tough Canadian kid who'll be happy to be out of Atlanta. He throws down tough checks and is definitely a rough character - another type of player that Burke wanted to bring in to make playing against the Leafs a pain in the ass.

Colin Stuart
A big kid, a little younger than I am, who hasn't had much play in the NHL yet, born and raised in Minnesotta. He isn't a big scorer and doesn't seem to get a lot of icetime, but it will be interesting how he fits into Burke's plan.

Colton Orr
No write-up. For your reference:

Adios is Spanish for Sayonara
For the record, Pavel Kubina tried his damnedest to play the best he could, no doubt. It's because of his efforts that the Leafs were able to deal him away for things that the Leafs were hoping to add. He gave it his all, and he should be proud of what he did for the team here, no matter how thankless the Leafs were for having him.

Tim Stapleton had a very exciting stint in the pros for a brief moment with Ron Wilson even included him in a shootout to win the game in his first call-up. I think a lot of fans were excited to watch Stapleton come along through the system, but he's Atlanta's prospect now - they'll enjoy both Kubina and Stapleton.

The Extent

I've just been shown the new trailer for The Extent, and let me tell you, it looks awesome! You'll need a pretty good computer with strong processing power to see the HD-glory that is involved with the production. Or else it's pretty choppy, which is too bad.

It's still under lock and key, but I promise, it promises to be good. We'll have it out to you shortly, probably hosted on this site. Add that shit to your favourites.

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