Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More striking un-news

The CUPE Local 82 strike is still going strong - and here is news that really isn't news pertaining to their ongoing and unending struggle.

Protesting the Protest

To protest the continuing CUPE strike - people have begun picketing the picketers outside of their offices (truncated for brevity).
For the second day in a row, police had to respond as neighbours picketed Tuesday outside the headquarters of striking city workers to protest the garbage dumped next to the sidewalk that union members admit is mostly their own.

CUPE tried to have the pickets evicted, but Windsor police told the protesters they were free to occupy the public sidewalk as long as they kept moving and didn’t impede traffic or harass CUPE members.

“I think the frustration of the strike is setting in,” CUPE Local 82 president Jim Wood said after speaking with the protesters.

He thinks the frustration of the 12+ week strike is setting in? What other profound things might the CUPE Local 82 president be thinking about? With that sort of insight, I'm sure there's a solution to the strike around the corner.

Rumour mill

I heard that some older folks went to drop their garbage off at the CUPE Local 82 office to protest the strike and when they got out of the car to dump their garbage, a striker stole the keys from out of their car, and locked them in the CUPE office, so they could call the cops and have the oldster charged for dumping. Again, this is just a rumour, but the police showed up and fined the man a $100-somthing ticket for dumping, and then charged the CUPE member with theft under $5,000 (which has jail-time with a maximum conviction). Clever.

Then again, in a citizen's arrest, can't you legally detain someone until the police arrive? Hmmmm - what would be the most legal way to retain someone until the police arrive? Think about it - you don't want to go to jail for trying to uphold the law.

- Total Rumour (I can't seem to find a link to tell this story)

Selectively picketing

CUPE prez Wood has also confirmed that CUPE is not planning any organized pickets of the Special Olympics to be hosted between July 23 and 25 around City owned diamonds at Mic Mac Park. So is this a lack of integrity or are they trying to protect their image?

This was fun

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, this comic gave me a laugh this morning.

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