Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two weeks away

Previously "One week away": Comic Con is the weekend of July 25 - not next weekend. whoops

By this time next week we're going to have a new teaser video (probably) for the upcoming season of Lost. It will also happen to be the final season of Lost, so this new video should be pretty exciting. Over the past few years at Comic Con in San Diego, thousands of fans cram into a room and listen to the the executive producers of the show tell a little about the past season, the season finale, and then tease about what they're going to be covering in the upcoming season - then they take fan questions. Some of these questions are jokes while others are tough - and with all of the mysteries that surround this show - there's a lot to live up to for the final season.

Now, also in the past there have been these Dharma Initiative videos that star a man that we now know to be Pierre Chang, who was a lead researcher on the Island back in the '70s. Our first glimpse of him was in the Swan orientation video back in Season 2. Since then he's appeared in orientation videos for almost all of the stations, and more importantly, appeared in videos at the Comic Con. Last year he teased the fact that the show was going to be moving into the realm of time travel - which was awesome. In years before he would just make mention of what the Dharma Initiative was about, lead some clues as to what Dharma's relationship with the hostiles was, etc.

But this year things will be very interesting, especially if they use the Chang character once again. By the season finale, the idea was for the Losties to go back in time, blow up the Swan Hatch, and prevent all of the things that happened to them from ever having have happened - which is a major no-no in time travel lingo (you're not supposed to do that sort of thing- it creates michief and disaster). But they did it anyhow - SO all of the video that have featured Pierre Chang have been from the post-incident era from 1977. So if we see a video from 1986, for example, and he's still in it, he'll obvioulsy be telling story about what happened after the Incident.

Obviously, the fallout from the Incident is going to have a great impact on the narrative storyline of the show for the last season - and that being said, we'll hopefully find out what happened immediately after the hydrogen bomb was detonated at the massive source of electromagnetism located beneath the hatch.

So here's what we'll need to watch for clues of:
  • moving even further back in time
  • moving forward in time
  • that the timeline has in fact changed (thus comparatively different information than from the original Dharma videos)
  • that the timeline is the same
  • other bizarre properties of the Island
  • that the Island is moving
  • the Hostiles (and their truce/architecture)
  • communications with the mainland
Should be interesting - and of course - we can look forward to it with great excitement.

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