Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Randy Sea Turtles

Lost news
Earlier I linked to a Mysteries of the Universe series that ABC is releasing on their website - and along those lines - they have set the release dates for the rest of the episodes: Aug. 4, Sept. 8, Oct. 15, and Nov. 16.

Leafers make a trade
Yeah, they picked up Wayne Primeau? That's fine - I just didn't know that Primeau was a player that GMs actively went after via trades. The Leafs also received Calgary's second round pick in 2011. To get this odd package, the Leafs gave the Flames Colin Stuart (whom was acquired from Atlanta via the Pavel Kubina trade about a month ago - so he'll never end up playing a game as a Maple Leaf), Anton Stralman (who I liked - he was alright) and a seventh round pick for 2012.

The Watchmen
I rented the Watchmen with my best man last weekend, and despite not being blown away with the promos and stuff - I gave it a shot. Now, I'm notorously hard on movies these days. I resent them, almost. I just resist investing so much time into a storyline and set of characters to be disappointed. That being said, The Watchmen is awesome! It was a really great movie that took the time to tell the story that it wanted to tell (more than three hours!). The special effects were great, but the story and the characters are better - and that's important in comic book spin offs. Give this movie a shot- it's worth it.

State of the world?
I don't know why I'm compelled to share these stories - but two of the most disturbing news articles have come up over the last few days. Police find 150 dead dogs in Dearborn home's freezer: this guy had like 300 chihuahuas, and didn't know how to take care of them (he's mentally unfit) and when they died, he put them in his freezer. The story is absolutely bizarre, like, neighbours never saw his dogs, had no idea that he had so many - and he kept his yard immaculately trimmed and cornered. Just - a classic case of some sort of disorder, no doubt. He doesn't appear to have harmed the dogs, he wasn't evil or anything, but he just ... wasn't really sure how to take care of them, and for some reason had hundreds.

Which is followed by: Texas mom decapitates baby, eats body: Police. Sometimes the headline says it all.

As a dumbass I met in a small restaurant out in LaSalle would say: Do you know why there are so many hurricanes these days? (Me: No, why?) Dumbass: Because children are talking back to their parents too much.

Riiight. Scapegoat the younger generation for the state of the world. Just like a clever zealot, this guy honestly believed the evils of the world are some sort of Godly indication that we aren't living our lives the way we should. Therefor, we have more hurricanes - more baby decapitations - and more freezers full of chihuahuas. (I take a breath to regroup)

The Extent
After seeing some of those promos I put together for the show, I hope you're excited to watch it some time soon. I've been working on finding something called an ISDN line, which basically means you can make an audio/video recording of someone from somewhere else, like, say Hollywood. That's right, we're closer to announcing our exciting scoop for The Extent. We're close to locking up a pretty big name to the show - and I think you'll be impressed when you hear who it is.

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