Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strike news

Tentative deal struck!
The strike might be over as soon as Thursday. Says the Windsor Star:
WINDSOR, Ont. -- A tentative agreement has been reached between CUPE and the City of Windsor Thursday morning following 48 hours of marathon bargaining... CUPE members, off the job since mid-April, will be voting Friday on a tentative deal to end the long, bitter dispute.
The Barrel Monster
Apparently the guy who created this has been sentenced to community service. Someone didn't have a sense of humour about vandalizing city property into a grouchy hitchhiker that shamed speeders as they passed by?

And this is neat: are you familiar with the Green Day vs. Oasis track? Well, this is pretty much the same idea with Nirvana and Rick Astley. It's a good idea, but I'm not sure that it's as successful as I would have hoped. For the record, the GreenDay/Oasis thing was awful, too.

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