Monday, July 20, 2009

Things to look forward to this week

Today I've got an editorial meeting, a trip to the gym, more Extent filming and a trip to the grocery store planned, so it should be a productive day, which is good. Then on Tuesday I'll be getting a new health card (my old one is trash) and then hockey in the evening, where I hope to finally score a goal.

Wednesday will be more filming on the show (which is set to debut on Aug. 5) so stay tuned for that. It's awfully exciting.

Thursday we may have another baseball practice and this weekend, finally, will be the Comic Con where we can get a taste of the upcoming season of Lost (which I'm eager to learn much more about).

I will have the end of Act I finished for Unbelievably Amazing Adventures, some more artwork for the show, and I'll likely lay out (and do some more research for) Act II. Finishing Act I now will put me almost six days ahead of schedule for writing the thing, so that's great.

That's what's coming up this weekend - I hope everything works out nicely.

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