Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday could be the day

The CUPE civil workers are planning on voting on the City's latest offer on Thursday. So they've got plenty of time to review and consider everything in the offer. While the first reports on this story were very brief, many details have come in afterward.

Basically, CUPE presidents don't like the offer, and they'll recommend that their constituents not vote for it. We'll certainly be able to gauge how desperate the city workers are to get back to work by how they vote. If it's a unanimous rejection - then they're still working in solidarity toward achieving their goal. If they accept in unanimously, it would show that they are no longer on the same page as their leadership. Of course this vote will fall somewhere in between, and where in between will be an indicator to the City on how to move forward.

Interestingly, toward the end of the report the presidents began discussing how they were going to encourage their members to not reelect city council members.

On a side note - working on the Zombie Dinosaur project has been so much fun lately. It's been a very satisfying endeavour. I can say that now, because I haven't burned myself out with it, yet - and I'm enjoying the creative process. I'll hopefully get a few more scenes drafted up today (and MAYBE do some artwork on it). We'll see.

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