Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unbelievably Amazing Adventures

I've outlined some of the screenwriting tips that are necessary for producing the Zombie Dinosaurs idea - basically, I'm a bit stumped on a bit part of Act II and I think it means I'll have to design and develop a new character so I can get a better feeling of how things are supposed to work.

I've got plenty of time today to get this sort of thing done - so I'll just go ahead and do that.

My stomach bug hasn't seemed to go away yet - which makes things a little uncomfortable, but ... as long as I don't put too much in the stomach, it seems to leave me alone, (esp. nothing spicy). Anyhow - you probably aren't interested in all of that - so let this be the last I say on the subject.

I'll be back with good news about the zombie dinosaurs idea - best case scenario: I'll be able to lay each scene from Act I out on 3x5 cue cards in preparation for writing the most important part of the script - the first 10 pages.

Have a great day!

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