Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well, the Extent video is fairing well, with about 1,880 hits in a week, which is very good. We apparently have a sponsor from JuicyStar07, who does hair and makeup reviews - but has a huge audience - so we've received a lot of traffic from her sponsorship, which was the idea.

And in other news, the Strike Is Over - and is scheduled to cost $17.2 million over the next four years. The CUPE union was striking to preserve post-retirement benefits for new hires, and after 100 days of standing up to keep those benefits, they've lost them. So, interesting strategy. Hold out for what you want, then vote in favour of not having them anymore. Hmmm.

They will, however, receive a 6.3 % raise (again, I've never received a raise in any job I've ever had) so they should be happy with that?

So, is this what they held out for? A 6.3 % raise? Three months of striking, a few people even getting criminal charges laid against them, for 6.3% more? Over four years? I'll be interested to see further details as they come out.

And I've provided a small update for the Unbelievably Amazing Adventures blog.

I still can't wait for some videos of the Lost Panel at Comic Con to go up! The panel was to begin at 11 a.m. this morning, run for an hour, and then I imagine people will be uploading the thing soon after that. However, San Diego is on a westcoast time zone, meaning everything gets bumped back a few hours, .... argh ... tonight there will be something, I'm sure.

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