Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome back Veteran Cab

Last night was my best man's birthday - and we were happy to be able to make good use of Veteran Cab now that they've returned from their 14+ week strike. We told the man about four times how happy we were that they were back on the job - and when he thought I was only giving him a 20 cent tip, he was happy anyhow (I gave him $2 - but it took me a while to find which pocket my change was in).

Anyhow - the cabbie was happy, the cab was clean, and we were able to get picked up "right away" instead of "that'll be about 40 minutes." Awesome.

They have the catchiest phone number, too. It's so easy to remember.

ALSO - had to do some work for The Extent today, and I think things are coming along real well!

ALSO - tomorrow I'm going to help finish up installing a back deck. It's probably mostly complete and there's just some finishing touches that I'm being called in to help with - but I'm going to take a wicked amount of glory for it. Seriously, I'll swing the hammer twice and be bragging that I installed a deck for months to come.

That's that. I hope everyone's doing great.

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AL said...

It is wonderful feeling.
Thanks you millions.

We are happy to go back to serve our costumers.

Veteran Cab driver