Friday, August 28, 2009

Blob ('58), Brontosaurs (2010) and Booth (Sept. 2)

Remakes from 1958
We all know that Rob Zombie has remade Michael Meyers in the Halloween series, esp. now with the sequel, Halloween II just around the corner. Well, here's some very interesting news:
After reviving the "Halloween" franchise, Rob Zombie will next reinvent "The Blob." Zombie will write, direct and produce a remake of the 1958 horror classic that launched the career of Steve McQueen. Production will begin next spring. Zombie's deal to make "The Blob" his next film comes as Dimension opens "Halloween II," the Zombie-directed sequel to his 2007 hit "Halloween."
I thought the blob movie was kinda dumb, even when I was a kid, but if you get someone like Rob Zombie to work on it - who knows what kind of shit he might pull. It could be pretty cool.

Pixarenigma Rex
3-D kids film behemoth Pixar might, might be developing a new movie about a boy and his pet brontosaurus. How come this is only speculation? Because apparently there is only this one brief photo to work with that's fueling the speculation.

A promotional image that was released with "Up" had some artwork in the background, featuring a boy and a brontosaurus. Could this be like Jacob, Two Two and the Dinosaur? Maybe! Mordecai Richler's story about a boy who has to hide his pet dinosaur was a pleasant adventure. Although, I remember the dinosaur being a triceratops. The other book option could be Dinosaur Bob, but ... who knows, really, right?

The Extent
Lastly, I'd like to mention that The Extent's next episode will be broadcast at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening (Sept. 2!) with much of it being directed by Windsor's own Gavin Booth, famous of the How Many Days? project. He's making a video per day until he meets Steven Spielberg, or something like that. If you're looking for an interesting read, go through the comments on his subscription page. He had an odd saying, "50 % of people seem to like me, and the other 50 % seem to despise me, and the funny thing is that I treat them all the same."

That being said, he will direct quite a bit of the upcoming episode titled "Collateral Damage" that I wrote. It was the first thing I wrote for the the show, believe it or not, and it was the first experience we had with the development of our Jenkins character. There are definitely some interesting stories on our final version of Jenkins and what was created in the writing of this script, and how they differ.

I'm hoping people really like the character and the episode. I worked hard on it, and it definitely has a "Lost" feel to it, by design. I hope it is well received, and I'm excited to see so much effort going into producing and filming it. Again, this will really be the first episode after we expanded the pilot episode into three parts, so this is where the story really begins to take off after the inciting incident of being captured and locked in a creepy room. I hope you all enjoy it next week.

As for how my writing has paid off so far on the show: Ep. 1.01 has 55.4 hits / day, Ep. 1.02 has 51.3 hits / day and 1.03 (which I wrote all of, except for the last few lines) is bringing in viewers at a rate of 76.2 hits / day, which is awesome. That being said, the episode is still quite new, and people are more likely to watch it while it's new, rather than when it's 20 days old like the other two episodes. I have a very good feeling that this next episode is going to really draw some great attention.

Great acting, great sets, a carefully written story that takes great advantage of its 7 minutes and fantastic coordination between Jay Nassr and Gavin Booth in directing the action. I hope you all really like it.

The Big Move

This is it! Our last day to pack, and then everything goes on the truck tomorrow morning, and we're outta here. Crazy that it's gone by so fast. Thanks to my buddy Rob for taking me out golfing yesterday to enjoy our last few hours as cohabitants of the same city. I've lived here in Windsor, now, for a full eight years, almost to the day, coming in as a first-year at the University of Windsor on Labour Day weekend. The city has really changed since then.

After that, I may be in communicato for a little while - we won't have the Internet, Cable TV, or a home phone line until Tuesday, September 8, believe it or not. But I have a phone number that's 97% expected to be our number once it's installed. I'll be sure to share it with you all once it's installed.

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