Monday, August 24, 2009

Back when I was Sports Editor

I have been packing for my move out to Peterborough lately, and we're going to be leaving town on Saturday, not even a week away now. Crazy, right? And while I've been packing I've come across some interesting papers and such, some of which ...

By the way, South Park is running the episode where the Hardly Boys try to solve the mystery of the urinal turd.

... anyhow, some of which had doodles on them, especially some from a pad of paper that I kept notes on from editorial meetings at The Lance while I was the Sports Editor back in 2007-08. Anyhow, here are some of the doodles from back in the day. Please enjoy responsibly.

Here's a doodle that is pretty common. A couple of dinosaurs on a page - that's normally what I do. What you wouldn't expect to see is a small image of Adam Leggett's creation, Star Pig. It's just his head, but ... well he was a significant role model in our youth, so that's pretty neat that he's in there. Also, you can see an odd inscription of the letter "J", which was influenced by the ASL expression of the same letter. You can also see some interest I had in a website of a photographer that we were interested in using - the photographer never worked out.

In a brief moment of campus spirit for the Lancers football team, I created a doodle for The Lancers vs. their arch rivals, the Western Mustangs. It seems that a knight might be able to easily stab a common horse, defeating it without any trouble. Sadly, the Lancers were no match for any team - and were whooped left and rigth by any team that stepped onto the field. Too bad. At the top of the page, you can see that I was interested in referencing the accomplishments of a football players named Kyle Boutette. That articile was actually published and Kyle was a fantastic interview - I feel it was one of my great accomplishments as Sports Editor, believe it or not. I also included a reference to 'Boots' in a spoof article.

Now is the time for me to say that I had Natasha Marar serving as News Editor to replace me as News Editor from the year before. I had quit my job, replaced myself, and decided to leave Windsor in hopes of inaugurating a new publication in Burlington; that publication turned out to be an abysmal joke, and I had to turn it down - frankly, it was devastating to me. I was embarrassed to have quit my job to work for a man who had no idea how to run a paper, and I was equally embarrassed to see how inexperienced the people were who were also hired. It was an interesting moment where I seriously realized where I fit into the scheme of things - there were people who had literally no experience in writing for the media whatsoever, and I was lumped in with them. It was honestly one of the greatest disappointments of my life. I couldn't honestly leave Windsor and the woman I loved (and still love) to go work 13 hours a day, 6 days a week for $26,000 a year. I'll admit, I cried on my drive back to Windsor from Burlington that night - I was seriously bummed about that job. I had such high hopes for it.

But, besides all of that - Natasha Marar said something like "foot herpes" during one of the meetings after she took my job and I assumed the sports position, and I drew a picture with the caption below it. Sorry to go on such a tangent about it.

This doodle must be from some time around Hallowe'en - because you can see a mock-up of my costume at the bottom. I tried to make my costume like that from the guy from EmuTv. There's a picture of my costume somewhere on Facebook, but I'll be damned if I ever find it again. In any case, in this image there's a sauropod hangin' out on the left-hand side, which is cool. Also, I appear for some reason, to draw an image of the success of a ballerina - and if you look in the background, you can see that either the Hindenburg is crashing in the background, or the trophy has a picture of the crash. I don't remember anymore. Also, you can see that I was inspired to nominate someone for being a great volunteer; I can't remember why, but I'm sure it's because I wanted to spread some success to someone who was making an effort to make a difference. That's me, always trying to help and up-and-coming writer to achieve more.

Hey look! Star Pig is back! Is this what you remember him looking like, Adam? You can also see that I was interested in zombie-basketball. It was inspired by head coach Chris Oliver who said his team was like zombies out on the floor - they were "sleep walking" he would call it. How cool would it be to see zombies playing basketball? .... Yeah, pretty funny, right?

I haven't any idea what inspired this picture - but there's a ship that's shaped like a shoe, being boarded by a leaping velociraptor (again, pretty common in my doodling). Why Lassie and a man hanging himself are also in the picture - I have absolutely no idea.

I hope you've enjoyed this little stroll down memory-lane. If I ever find my comic strip of Tie Domi at the Legion eating pancakes when Brett Hull comes along, I'll post it up.

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