Thursday, August 13, 2009


Man, this article I'm working is literally killing me. I feel less alive every second that I go through the material. ... and now I'm a sobbing loser with a blog, mourning over how lousy things are - which isn't the case! I'm just tired of working on this thing. Its only redeeming quality is that I got to interview my buddy McCutcheon for the article - what're the odds that he'd be an expert on something I'm researching down here in Windsor? Probably higher than you'd think - but it was awesome to work with him on an assignment.

Break is just in time for final Jeopardy to take a break - will I get it right?

Damn, not in time for it - Plato was the answer, only one person got it right, while the other two guessed Socrates. Hmm, makes me wonder if I would have got that right or not.

What else?

I have a blog post for you to view over at Excel Consultants, where I've been requested to provide weekly updates on their site. You may notice that it's been over a week since my last post, and that is because the boss hasn't got back to me on what he wants me to do. Years ago, he taught me the value of returning a call, and using the phone instead of eMail. Now look who's teaching who! Bwaha ha ha ha, etc.

Has the August edition of In Business Magazine updated their website so I can link my Dinosaur article to you? Nope, not yet. No worries, the month is only half through, right?

As for The Extent - a scene was filmed earlier last week, and we've got another booked for next week and the 26th. So there's going to be some progress made on that shortly. Good stuff. As for now, there are two newsworthy items to consider about the show:

1) one video is up to 837 post (the other at 678)
2) You could win a trip to Vegas for three days if you sign up. So do that and WIN.

now ... [Ryan shrugs his shoulders, slumps in his seat, turns away from whatever the hell network shows Jeopardy on it, and heads] back to work.

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