Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hockey accolades and achievements

Tonight was our final hockey night here in Windsor for a long while. Our 'championship game' of bragging rites between Team 2 and Team ... I don't know. In fact, I'm not even sure that we were Team 2 BUT we played our final "championship" game as the worst team all season, vs. the third worst team of the season. We WON!

I feel that I had a good game with one strong defensive play, about three shots on net, one shot that went inches from getting tucked inside the far post, and two open nets that I totally missed scoring on. It was likely our best hockey game as a team all season. What a lot of fun.

Also, our goalie last week rebounded from having a regrettable, forgettable game, to an outstanding game allowing only one goal and making plenty of great saves.

Then, we received certificates of achievement from the league ( I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure it says something nice) and individual awards. I won the "most sportsmanlike" award. The coach said, "It's because you're a nice guy." Why didn't he say, " It's because you're the most sportsmanlike?" I don't know. I've won the "Most sportsmanlike" award a couple of times in my 28 years of not dying, and everytime I win it, it's because I'm a nice guy. I'd feel more like I've earned it if I was awarded this and then told, it's because I was most sportsmanlike.

Also, seeing as how this league was set up exclusively for fun, and not to be competitive, I accept this award understanding that in the spirit of the league, that it is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon any player on an individual team. Thank you.

My fiance won the "Most Dedicated" award, even though she didn't attend the game, prioritizing a Creed concert in Detroit with her Maid of Honour instead of playing hockey. ... But she's usually pretty dedicated to the team. She even emailed the coach to let him know she wouldn't be there - that's dedication! (in fact, evidently, the MOST dedication on the team).

So congratulations to us!

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