Thursday, August 20, 2009

The house is on fire! Extent

So, with the latest episode of The Extent, I'm excited to say that the first episode now has 1,131 hits, the second episode has 1,059 hits and the latest episode already has 255 hits. That's not bad. Now that there's a bigger body of work, viewers might be able to catch on and start really picking up.

But ... all in good time.

As for the house being on fire - two houses over the garage caught on fire. The neighbours had some old couches out in the alley waiting for a good day to take them to the dump, and as far as anyone seems to know, some kids came by and lit it on fire. You've heard how those old couches go up in flames? Well this was a pretty dramatic fire - luckily the garage was facing the alley and it's detached from the house. There was some formidable damage to the garage but everyone was safe. Damn kids.

That's probably the second time I've had to call 911 this year (though my fiance thinks I've called more often). I should have taken a picture, it was pretty neat.

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