Sunday, August 30, 2009


First of all - the big move yesterday went amazingly. We've got everything from our old place to our new place with generous help from friends and family. It was a great experience, a long day, and everything is going to come together very smoothly thanks to all of their help. We're happy to be so close to being settled in.

Next, I have to say this: I've become quite comfortable with living online for the last little while. I've got a blog I update regularly (moreso while I'm unemployed) and a video series that's availble on Youtube right now, and a magazine I write for that's availbe online and three webcomics I like to follow and legions of filming updates from Lost - and man, all that's going to go away now that we've moved to Peterborough. We won't have access to the Internet until the evening of September 8, which is a long while away. Nor access to a landline, a local phone number, or cable t.v.

My brother recommends boardgames and puzzles. 10 days later, I could go nuts. But at least I have my fiance to keep me sane - unless she's at work all that time.

This absence from traditional access to any information of any kind will present an opportunity to work on my side-projects free from distraction, meaning, after this hiatus, I hope to have some notable updates to Lefevere's Redemption, the Zombie Dinosaurs project, some foundational work with the Alpha Sigma Chi history and perhaps do some artwork for Zombie Dinosaurs, as well.

I might have some other updates after all that time, too. We've got a lot of thank yous to send out from our wedding showers over the last few weeks, rooms to set up at our new house, a whole new town to get accustomed to, and I might even have a job interview to get prepped for. In about 10 days' time, I might have allot of cool stuff to talk about - so we'll see when we get there.

BE SURE TO WATCH THE EXTENT on September 2. It's going to be great and I'm really excited to see what kind of response we can get from all of the work that went into this particular episode. It was a great thrill to write it, and I think it segue's from our introductory episodes into the scheme of things to come. Again, I hope you all like it. I might not get to see it until much later - although I want to watch it right now!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned. I'll be back on September 8 with the promise of good things. Take care.

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