Monday, August 31, 2009

Random linksys connection

Hey readers - good news, I've got a very low connection on a wireless network from someone nearby, which is awesome. Just a brief update to let you know how things are coming along.

Not bright
It turns out, the blinds in our bedroom would have served better as neon signs, that's how bright it was in the morning and over night. That is now resolved with the purchase and installation of new blinds for our bedroom and our living room. Also, my buddy Adam came over to help put up some other blinds, install a bunch of towel racks etc, in our washroom, and put a few desks together. It's all coming together very nicely. Our kitchen is almost a kitchen now, too.

My fiance starts her first day of work tomorrow - and I'm going to start reaching out to Parks Canada to see if I can get myself a job, too. Also, our new couch and chair will be arriving - then on Friday our new dryer will be delivered, and we can then do some laundry, which we'll definitely need to do by then.

Alrighty! Everyone be safe and have fun.

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