Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three "new" dinosaurs

So - not sure how to really get into this. There are three new dinosaurs that came up recently, all the work of the Field Museum in Chicago, and all from a desert in Niger unearthed back in 1997. So, 'new' doesn't really fit here.

For example, how 'new' could these discoveries be if there is artwork like this already available?

I guess this sort of thing is possible when an already discovered animal is unearthed three decades later. The nigersaurus was described back in 1976, but another specimen was found in 1997 - so it's news again. All three of these dinosaurs are awfully unusual, too, which is neat.

The nigersaurus they say was just too unusual to have eaten any other way than a cow - and perhaps that grazing behaviour was common amongst many sauropods. Perhaps they were more like the cows of the Mesozoic than the giraffes as previously postulated.

As for those bad-ass carnivores they uncovered, the eocarchirias had boney spurs on his head, big teeth and kicked ass, while the kryptops (again, people should ask me to name dinosaurs, Kryptops sounds so stupid) means covered face, because it had something unusual on his skull - even though all that's been discovered of the face is a small piece of the upper jaw?

Anyhow, neat stuff. Finding dinosaurs is always cool - imagine how cool I'd feel if I'd found one. Pretty neat.

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