Saturday, August 15, 2009

Touring for a new home

Yesterday we drove from Windsor out to Uxbridge and Port Perry to check out some places for rent. Uxbridge was a nice little town, had that small charm that most towns did before the Big Box stores showed up. Many little street-side shops all along the main roads, with people walking to and froe. No giant parking lots or anything like that.

We saw some nice apartments and even a suitable bungalow that looked promising, while booking a few more appointments for Monday, when we'll head back out to continue to find somewhere suitable to stay after we've made the move.

Port Perry has a beautiful waterfront (though we didn't see any harbour). I could definitely see myself working on the water for a short period of time out there. The apartment we saw there was unsuitable for more than one person, so it won't work out, but ... we have hope and a better feeling about the area. It should be nice.

On the way back, for those with mischievious minds, we drove through Goodwood, Manchester and Prince Albert, which sound like names from a dirty men's club. It could be a fun region to settle in to.

Lefevre's Redemption
In the mean time, I'm going to continue to perform an audit on Lefevre's Redemption, hoping to make a bit more sense of the novel, and take into consideration the tips I've received from reading a couple of books on the subject. Not surprisingly, there are major rewrites necessary (which could have been avoided had I read these books before I wrote 100+ pages). No matter, I like reading the book, and I'll especially like including the ideas that have come to me since I wrote it. No doubt, one of the recommendations from the books I've read are to take some time away from your manuscript and then revisit it with fresh eyes. So at least I'm doing something right.
Zombie Dinosaurs
I think I'm going to use the tips that were in the books, too, to set out a story outline for the Zombie Dinosaurs project, and then once November hits, go to hell on writing that novel for Nanowrimo '09. This would be the first novel ever written where I've got characters I know, and ending I know, and plot points I know (all things that are very handy when writing anything).

There have been some interesting thoughts on the season premiere next year, and I think I've come up with a theory that can take all of the promotional videos that were released and the casting rumours and make sense of them all by making use of an episode from Season 3. I suspect that this sort of thing won't make sense to anyone unless they've followed along with the show closely - so ... apologies to everyone who reads this blog, I suspect only two of you actually watch the show. It's going to be a good one.

The Extent
Having been out of town so much lately (meaning, out of Windsor, and in other towns) I've missed out on quite a bit of additional filming for The Extent, which is unfortunate. As I've said, I love being on set, and I definitely wanted to be around for the filming of one of the scenes I wrote for an upcoming episdoe, and to meet the actor who will be portraying Harris Dollarhyde (is he more than meets the eye?) But ... I will not be in town, despite being very clear that I wouldn't be in town until Tuesday to shoot anything. Unfortunate. I'll have to make sure to send notes on what I envisioned the scene to be when I wrote it to the director.

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