Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to August

The commute to the cottage is long - and each year I think, nah, it's not too far - but then I realize - it totally is far. It must have taken seven hours on Thursday night and we didn't get in until about 2 a.m. That's rough.

On the commute up, though, I snagged a picture that will definitely serve as the cornerstone for a new post - and I think it will be funny (though, possibly, only funny to me).

In terms of any news - the only thing I appear to have missed so far this week is that Dany Heatly is very likely to remain an Ottawa Senator. I don't know how or why his trade value has been so garbage, but ... nobody will take him. I wonder what sort of impact on his confidence this will have? What impact on his season will it have? He doesn't want to play for his coach and said so publicly, he doesn't want to play for the team, and said so publicly. And nobody wanted to trade to pick him up. So how confident will he play?How good will he perform this season?

Has he been invited to the Team Canada training camp? I'd be surprised if he were invited to anything like that for a long while - barring a significant characteristic turnaround.

- -

So far the cottage has been very nice. Kayaking, swimming, walking through town and a marathon game of Rumoli rounded out yesterday. Today, we might go golfing and play best ball with a foursome, but we'll have to see about that. I'm not sure how much support my mom and fiance are giving that idea.

There's also a chicken dinner being sold down at the legion, which we're likely going to check out, which should be great. Last time I checked out a fish fry there, and it was fantatsic.

- -

Lastly, someone is always, and I mean always, searching for the operating hours of the Bulk Barn in Kincardine - but just the other day, someone was searching "are chickens allowed to be kept in a backyard in kincardine." I suppose, the more often I mention Kincardine in my blog, the more often I'm going to get hick-responses like this.

I think it's funny.

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