Thursday, September 3, 2009

Extent 1.04 | Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage, Extent Episode 4
Granted, I still haven't seen this because my Internet connection is weak - but I've found a local library that I'm going to check it out on later on today - after I get to the gym, which I also found yesterday. I'm also going to get some resumes and cover letters prepped now that I've had a day or two to acclimate myself with the city.

All of that aside - I hope you really like this episode. This is much more what the episodes will be like now that we've finished up with the introductory pilot material. So if you liked this, then I'm sure you'll like the rest of the season. The characters are cool and I think you'll enjoy meeting them as we go along.

Let me know what you think of it, or leave a comment on YouTube after the video.

Transylvanian dinosaurs?
I'm not sure how cool this actually will be - but it sure sounds cool - a Dinosaur Theme Park will be built near Transylvania!
A dinosaur theme park will be built at Rasnov near Brasov, Transylvania, at a cost of five million Euros, it was announced today (Tues).

The amusement park with the theme of the evolution of dinosaurs will cover 40.000 square metres of land on lease from local authorities, Rasnov Mayor Adrian Vestea said.

Gabriel Rozorea, one of the associates of the company that initiated the project, said:
"We have started knowing that the Brasov area had many hotels and motels but no amusement parks. We want to have a theme park with 80 dinosaurs, of which 20 will be full-sized.

"The dinosaurs will be made by an international team of artists. Aside from those, the park will also have accommodations for 30 people, as well as a conference room. Some of the money will come from bank loans, while the remaining money will come from European funds," Rozorea added.

Work will start in spring next year and is set to last until the end of the year or spring 2011 at the latest.
I'll post some more stuff up or something after I get to the library - the connectivity here is so dodgy that it's just not worth surfing the Net for things as awesome as this show. Talk with you soon.

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