Saturday, September 5, 2009

FM radio experiment

Since we still have no television or Internet (of any reliability or value) here in Peterborough, I've been listening to the radio a bit. Unfortunately, although I have a great tuner/receiver, I cannot pick up anything on the AM dial. I'll have to figure out how to maximize the antenna or something to solve this problem.

What this means is I've had to listen to hours and hours of FM radio. In conclusion, FM radio, I've heard enough Linkin Park, Our Lady Peace and Greenday now. Thank you - I'm aware that these are "new" songs and that they're affiliated with corresponding albums.

Now, when I can't get access to the AM dial, I'm spending more time reading books. I spend time with I Drink for a Reason by David Cross when I'm not slicing my finger open with an exacto knife while cutting through zip ties. The book is allot of fun, and I've always been a fan of Cross's humour, so I was pleased to find this book and pick it up.

It's definitely better than listening to the same three god-damned songs over and over again on the radio. Shit! Seriously, how does a program director get a job at a radio station with only the
skills to copy and paste the set list from the previous hour's worth of programming?

Stay tuned in the next hour for my next blog post entitled "FM radio experiment," featuring comments like "Since we still have no television or Internet...," "I spend time with I Drink for a Reason by David Cross ...," and "It's definitely better than listening to..." only on ... The Wolf.

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