Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's always sunny in Peterborough

No kidding - we've been here for almost two weeks and there's be nothing but clear skies, sunny days and full moons. Are full moons supposed to last two weeks? ... hmmm. I'm not exaggerating, though. This is how it's like up here.

I'm becoming more settled now - which is good. I've been making it out to the gym each morning after breakfast, followed by a trip to the public library (do you have a library card? I do now) to enjoy the dependable access to the Internet, and the ability to publish posts online.

Splits with the Spits
Later on this afternoon I've got a meeting with the Assistant General Manager, Aaron Garfat at the Peterborough Pete's, who is the OHL team in town. That should be neat. I've got my letter of reference, cover letter, writing samples and resume ready to hand in and talk about getting involved with the franchise. This is where Stevie Yzerman played his junior hockey - and I'm sure many, many others, too. And I'm eager to learn all about them.

Search Engine stuff
I haven't been able to access the Google Analytics stuff on my page for a while, but beyond the regular "Bulk Barn in Kincardine" and "The Mist" searches, there is an odd search result that I thought I'd share.

Saturday, August 29 someone was directed to the blog after searching "adam leggett+soiree+london+ryan rogers+deb." Now, I don't know what that means exactly, but it would appear that someone expected to search online to see what were up to that night. I would admit that if whatever we got up to that night made it onto the Internet right away, that would be interesting. Just an odd search query, I thought. Or maybe they were looking for pictures of a night we had out in London a few years back. (I don't think Deb was there ;)

The Extent

This week's episode of The Extent is coming up shortly. You'll be able to watch it before I am (what we me not having access to the Internet and all) so please enjoy it. I haven't seen much of the footage from this episode, but we were able to use a good friend of mine in the casting, James Mays. It was fun working with him on the show - and we hope that he had a good time on it, too. New episode counts: Ep. 1.01 1,430 hits, Ep. 1.02 1,296 hits, Ep. 1.03 975 hits, Ep. 1.04 888 hits.

Lost (Mysteries of the Universe)
Also, the third installment of Lost's "Mysteries of the Universe" is available. Check it out.

Lefevre's Redemption
As I mentioned weeks ago, I was planning on spending time on my side projects while I've got free time - and I have been. I finished another re-read of Lefevre's Redemption, and with some guidelines from Karen S. Wisner's from First Draft to Finished Novel, and a strategy to work the time traveling (good grief) out of the story, I think it's going to be awesome. Yeah, I've put almost three years into writing it, but ... well, it just might show by the time I'm done. Who knows when that will be, though.

Trust me, though, I've got some great, fresh ideas to work into the story that will take the inexplicable time travel out, bring some more life to the existing characters, and make the entire manuscript more cohesive as a whole. Should be awesome.

Okay, I'll be back to post something about the Extent shortly. Hope you're enjoying the show.

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