Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Movie stuff

Zombie Land is coming shortly (Oct. 2) - I saw a promo for it on t.v. (which we've got again!) last night. It should be awesome. Check out the trailer on that thing! It's awesome. Woody Harrleson looks like he's going to be a riot - and Jesse Eisenberg from AdvetnureLand (also watched recently, and it was good) and Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine (and other things, too). I mistakenly read the "About" section on the site (don't do this!) and it redirects you to a wiki page where it adds one more member to the cast (but it's a cameo appearance so DON'T SPOIL IT FOR YOURSELF - it sounds cool).

As for AdventureLand, it's not the comedy you're expecting, and it doesn't really feature Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig from SNL as much as the previews would have you believe. It's a fantastic story of a boy coming of age during a summer while he worked at a theme park. It was really cool - I probably should watch movies with plots more often, I guess.

That being said - we watched Final Destination in 3D last night - so much for plots. It was cool though, and apparently the 3D that's used in this movie is heads and shoulders above the quality of 3D that was used in Journey to the Center of the Earth [sic] and Up! Basically, Final Destination was pretty cool - the writing set up the "Mouse Trap"-esque disasters very well, and the writing in the premonition scenes was great. There's this scene in a movie theatre that brings the entire show together all at once, and it's incredible. Plus, due to some clever premonition sequences, you get to see the main cast die more than once in many cases. Also, the black guy named ... I don't remember, but he was a security guard, was awesome.

If you're worried about gore and guts and stuff - this may not be the movie for you - BUT the deaths are so over-the-top that it's almost like a live-reenactment of a Tom & Jerry cartoon - just with more realistic consequences.

Now, while in theatre, there were some great previews for a couple really neat-looking movies. I'm not really sure what the hell Avatar is supposed to be about, but it appears to be some sort of trip to the outer limits of space, where they convert humans into fantasy characters and toss them into a Halo/Half Life/World of Warcraft environment, and they ... have a war?

Here's the trailer - what you wouldn't know from watching that was that Sigorney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez are in this film. Why wouldn't you showcase some stars in your trailer, I don't know. In any case, I wasn't sure about that film, but if it's got Sigorney Weaver in it ...

Next (this is just like being in the theatre with me!) there was a new Gerard Butler movie called Law Abiding Citizen that looks really awesome. I'm probably going to see this, too.

Looks cool, eh?

There was also a trailer for Ninja Assassin - sounds neat.

Also, while we had no t.v., I watched "The Ruins." It was gory and scary, but ... basically, this is an example of the reason why I don't want to get into movies. There's a scary mystery, and once it's all played out and you know what's going on, you feel like it's stupid. BUT, in the end, was the journey enjoyable? Did it make you squirm (after retyping this word about three times, I realize I've never spelled the word "squirm" before) and care about the characters? Well, I guess the characters were alright - but watching them solve the mystery was kinda gay.

OKAY - that's enough.

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