Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First off, happy belated Thanks Giving. I had a nice one and it was good to see family over the long weekend. I was asked over dinner how my novel was coming along - and I was ashamed to say I hadn't worked on it in quite a while. I will do some more on it today, though. [Then I've got wedding plans to continue working on... lots of wedding stuff.]

I was asked, "So, how many chapters are there in the novel now?" and I honestly couldn't recall how it all broke down after the restructuring of the story. I can say, with certainty, that there are 23 chapters and 83 scenes planned for those chapters.

Toward the end of the story the chapters begin to get very long with many more scenes in them than the earlier chapters - which means I might have to change some things around to break those chapters up a bit. A great way to keep the pace of a story moving forward is to have short chapters - it allows the reader benchmarks while they're reading, and time to stop and digest or reflect upon what just happened. If you put too much into one chapter (with 8 scenes, for example - right at the end of the novel) then you risk overloading the reader and having them get tired of what's happening. All that from just the length of a chapter.

We'll have to see how it feels when we get there, though.

As for the story- I've got through the first ten chapters (of the 23) making the adjustments necessary to reshape the story in a way I like. HOWEVER, the next 13+ chapters will the difficult ones to write (or rewrite in many cases) because as we move forward into the second half of the book, that's where I wanted to make a lot of changes. So the second half will be laborious and challenging - but that's part of writing. I'm glad that my brother is eager to see what happens (I think everyone has forgotten that I'm working on it - since I've been doing it for years now.)

anyhow, besides all of that - I hope I can redraft at least a chapter per day on the novel for the next little while. During this time, I will be using Crest Whitening strips for my wedding pictures. All that coffee for all these years have been adding up on my enamel, but these strips should make a difference (within three days, says that box). They'd better work, believe it or not, those things are wildly expensive. Any more expensive and I'd probably just go see a dentist instead.

What else? Did you read that the fascist, Nazi-loving Italian lynching victim Benito Mussolini was a British Spy?

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