Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Dinosaur Discovery Fills Evolutionary Gap

To all creationists, your tough-luck fight against evolutionists has a name: Darwinopterus. Charles Darwin has now been honored posthumously with the name of a flying reptile that theoretically represents a missing link between primitive pterosaurs and the advanced Cretaceous pterosaurs. You can read all about it by clicking on the link.

Hockey this morning
That's right - it's been a few weeks, but $5 for 2 hours of hockey at the Evinrude Arena is back! And I'm going to go - which means I've got to get packed and out the door around 9:30 (boo hoo, my life is hard).

Job update
Well, today is probably the last day I would expect a call back from the Discount Rental Cars about being their customer chauffeur. I think I really would have enjoyed this one, too. I would have finally been working somewhere other than in a windowless basement, interacting with people and customers instead of chirping away on a telephone. It would have been really nice.

BUT I've got another job interview at the Princess Gardens for a kitchen job. This is a health-care sector cooking position at a hospital in downtown Peterborough just behind the Galaxy Cinema, which would be an alright place to work. We'll see how that goes on Tuesday.

Mysteries of the Universe
I haven't watched this yet - but Lost's latest monthly installment of Mysteries of the Universe is up and running (a day earlier than it was previously announced, which is cool). So you can enjoy this if you care about Lost. NOW, off to hockey!

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