Friday, October 30, 2009

non-Hawaiian update

A few items have been note-worthy even though they are unrelated to Hawaii - Even though I'm going to post some pics of Maui afterward anyhow.

Good, Bad and the Ugly: Lost
Good news: Lost apparently has signed William Atherton to guest star in Season 6. He's awesome in Die Hard. You recognize him? He's totally intense, totally awesome - and it's been a few years before since we've seen him in anything. for sure it'll be awesome to have him back in the spotlight.

Bad news: Have I mentioned I really don't like the Olympics? They basically hijack everything you like about the media and force-feed you 24-hour coverage of sports you couldn't care less about. If bobsledding were popular, don't you think we'd hear about it more often than ever four years? But wait! Now that it's in the Olympics, we've got to hear about it for hours and hours, and then watch biographies on the half-dozen bobsledders and their boring training, etc, etc. But the most difficult part about the Olympics is that it interrupts regularly scheduled programming.

More specifically - Lost is likely going to have to go on another hiatus about two weeks after it finally comes back off of hiatus from all summer and fall! Bullshit!

The ugly: It would appear that ABC or someone in the Desmond-Camp has paid to make a sexual harassment allegation. Henry Ian Cusick allegedly made some inappropriate sexual advances toward a female who worked on the show, who complained that he was making inappropriate sexual advances towards her, and then she was fired shortly afterward. Well, they paid her off, and settled out of court, which is probably the most painless way to go about it - but ... that doesn't mean it's not ugly.

Hawaii pics: A Hawaiian sunset descending beneath the clouds on the horizon - and my wife atop a rocky cliff that I descended. I'm going to post some more pictures tomorrow from what was down the cliff.

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