Monday, October 5, 2009

What Tigers do Best

Well - my baseball team is the Blue Jays, BUT while I was in Windsor, you couldn't find Jays games on the radio, and the local sports radio stations couldn't give two cents to share a thought on the franchise (unless Roy Halladay was being traded) so all you can listen to is Tigers Baseball - and that was okay.

It really doesn't matter what baseball game you're listening to on the radio - they're all basically the same, and if you like baseball, that's just fine. I honestly didn't have any idea what most players look like, and probably still don't, but I know which Tigers people like, which ones are underperforming and which ones are amazing. That being said - it's going to be a very exciting finale on Tuesday evening when the Tigers and the Twins have a one-game playoff!

My guess- Tigers win. Not because I'm a big Tigers fan (I'm not) but because I think Detroit is about to get their hearts broken by another team in the playoffs. They had so much hope for the Red Wings that they basically crowned them champs before the playoffs even began.
BREAKING NEWS: I finally have a JOB INTERVIEW. After ... what's it been, FIVE WEEKS? So good for me. I'll tell you more about what I was lucky to get interviewed for after the interview itself on Thursday morning.

Anyhow, the Tigers don't have the support of Tigers Fans or the local radio market. They're the best team in a garbage division with week competitors. In any other division, the Tigers would be 10 games back of a playoff spot, and that's not good for them. IF they make the playoffs, they'll be significantly overmatched - BUT anything can happen in October, right? You just have to make it.

My guess, Tigers beat the Twins. That's all it is, a guess.

Continuing with Tigers - don't fuck with tigers!
Seriously, they're the scariest, deadliest things since zombies with the swine flu. They will fuck you up.

Tigers Maul Man at Calgary Zoo
. The Calgary zoo has had a lot of difficult press in the past year - I think they had a serious problem with Sting Rays (now they're all dead, or evacuated) but for some reason they had to close the habitat because they Rays kept dying. Bad, bad, bad.

On the right here, observe the WRONG way to view a tiger. Notice that there is NO fence between the meat on your bones and the tiger. This is a recipe for dead you, and full tiger. Or at least amused tiger. They may just swat your body around and then disembody you, and leave your gizzards at the front door as a present for the feeders in the morning.

Now observe the CORRECT way to view a tiger - with a fence between it and you. Notice how it's right at the fence, just waiting for you. Don't be fooled, stay away. This will keep you alive long enough to go see the other exhibits at the zoo.

Anyhow, this guy doesn't even get into the tiger habitat - the Calgary Zoo has a double fence, double-keeping idiots out of the tiger pen because TIGERS ARE DANGEROUS. This guy got in between the two fences, and the tigers still got him. Dummy.

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Anonymous said...

Although I am unable to see the second picture of the tiger behind the fence, (because my computer at work is stupid) I'm sure it is awesome because tigers are awesome (both the animal and baseball team). I'm also very proud of you for getting a job interview!