Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost news 3

Here's a new video for the upcoming season - it was released at ComiCon back in August, but apparently it's only making news now because - all of the material at Comicon wasn't to be released for a long while. No new footage for the upcoming season (because back then they hadn't started filming yet , of course) and also because the executive directors are intent on showing no new footage so viewers can't be spoiled by the network's commercials. Good idea!

Also, the official release date for the Season 5 has been set for December 8.

Bad news for Lost's hopeful successor - Fast Forward. Apparently the show is going on a short production hiatus.
Still, the news comes at a time when 'FlashForward''s ratings are beginning to fall off. The show debuted to an impressive 12.4 million viewers at the end of September; last week, the show fell to 8 million viewers total -- a series low.

A steady decline like this is something that is hard to recover from, but data also suggests that 'FlashForward' might be a popular show for DVR users. When you factor those numbers in, the show is still being watched by over 10 million every week. So, maybe it's not bad news after all.
I think all is well for the remainder of this season for the show. There's been a lot invested in it (including hope for the network) so don't worry if you're a fan of the show.

A New "Lost University" video
This video is on the mysteries of Lost. These are basically the big four or five that have been teased along since the first season. It would be rewarding to have all of 'em answered in the final season.

And that's about all of the good Lost stuff I could find this week - hope you like it.

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