Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lost news

First off, I'd like to say that I've been really under the weather and the speed I was carrying forward with Lefevre's Redemption slowed down considerably yesterday. I'm not feeling much better, but I hope to continue with the project. It's coming along well.

In Lost news ...

... (which I'm always eager to hear more about) we have a confirmation that there is no confirmed start date for Lost yet. Damon Lindeloff has said that he has not been told what the start-date for the show will be in January (if January at all) and there are some suggestions that it might not be on Wednesday nights like is has been for the last few seasons.

Also - there is a casting report that Sheila Kelly from LA Law will make an appearance on Lost, which should be great.

Fun Lost Video

ABC might bring the show back on Tuesday nights, says Variety. They say:
“Lost” could shift to Tuesdays for its final season, perhaps leading into or out of “V,” which could be the net’s best shot at holding an aud opposite “American Idol,” which returns in January. ABC would be foolish, meanwhile, if it doesn’t devote more than one hour of air a week to “Lost,” perhaps making room for a discussion show after each episode.
A discussion show? Hmm - I'd bet people would watch that. It would be like what Seth MacFarlane did last Sunday with Family Guy. Instead of a cartoon, he did a live show with Alex Borstein - they did some stand-up, had some guests, some cartoon clips, it was like a neat variety show. Those two could totally pull that off each week as well. That would leave them with Family Guy, Seth and Alex's live show, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad all at one night. Seth MacFarlane must be stupid-rich.

But a Lost discussion show would be pretty cool. There are so many people who do recaps and put on shows online for Lost that this could definitely hold viewers to the show. Plus, the executive producers always contribute loads of extra material like behind-the-scenes tours of sets, interviews with the wardrobe department, etc, etc. People might watch it.

Juliet's return to finish up her time on Lost

Someone sat down with Elizabeth Mitchell (in a car?) and taped an interview about the end of Lost last season and her new program, V. A pretty neat interview.

Spoiler Reports
While I have no interest in spoiling anything about this final season, I have seen a few casting calls and set reports from filming over the last few weeks for the show. What's more exciting is, since we've been to the small island of Oahu, I'm totally familiar with where things are ... it makes it a bit more personal to hear where the stars are shooting at.

For example, Rebecca Mader and Josh Holloway were filming at the "Diamond Head Grill" which is in Honolulu, just a little east of the Honolulu Zoo we visited. "Diamond Head" is the name of a big park at that end of the island - and I definitely recognized it as soon as I saw the name. I think that's neat.

Smoke Monster?
Finally, someone was talking to one of the executive producers of Lost, Damon Lindeloff, and they surmised from their conversation that we might learn what the Smoke Monster is very early in the season - like maybe even in the premiere episode! That'd be great.
He also hinted at a possible explanation of what that smoke monster really is as early as the sixth season premiere. "If you do not see a dinosaur by the end of the season premiere of season six I think it will be safe to conclude that the monster is not a dinosaur," Lindelof said, referring to Regis Philbin's the-smoke-monster-is-a-dinosaur theory. "But that's not to say that you won't see one. I'm just saying you will know."

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