Thursday, December 3, 2009

Caught a break - Awesome!

I thought that I was going to have a shitty evening/Friday because I had two articles due to In Business magazine at the same time, and I've been struggling to get all the interviews finished. I'd made lots of notes, prepped a bunch of questions and have been relaying updates with my editor all week - but all my interviews kept falling through. I just couldn't seem to get in touch with my contacts.

I was starting to feel the pressure (pressure's no problem with me, BTW) that I was going to have to basically wait till the last minute to even start finishing the articles without having the interviews completed.

Well - in an ironic sort of way, I had an interviewee postpone our interview until tomorrow some time, and I thought, "Just great - Friday is going to totally suck!" But his secretary reminded me that the article wasn't due until December 9, not Dec. 4!

Bam! I just got five more days to wrap this stuff - and I'm going to have all of the material to do so by tomorrow afternoon, meaning I'm in great shape to write some great articles.


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