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Dinosaur Round-UP 5

Adam and Eve story with dinosaurs...

Some guy at Island Crisis has presented the story of Eden. In it, he reveals where dinosaurs came from, AND why they aren't in the Holy Book.

Where the hell did the dinosaurs came [sic] from? It seems God lied to some extent in the holy books as he didn’t mention of the dinosaurs. So the modern holy guys had to edit the holy books to add the dinosaur bones part so that the whole crap does not look like an Afriwood movie [I don't know what that means]. So here is the real story of Adam and Eve with the Dinosaurs.

Many many thousand years BC

God was creating the universe as he was feeling bored. He created the universe, the planets and also our little Planet earth in the whole process. Earth being only a residue of the other big balls he created, God didn’t notice it until Satan discovered that the water on the planet can be a good swimming pool.

God didn’t want Satan to swim in there so he invented the dinosaurs and put them in the water thinking that the dinosaurs will eat Satan when he and the devils came to swim. However the dinosaurs became friend with Satan as Satan fed them with some meat he brought from some other bigger planet at that time. God was annoyed so he drank a large part of the ocean so that Satan and his devils could not swim. However he could not drink it all as there was too much.

God swallowed many of the dinosaurs. However many of them were able to run away and finally some day later God sent a huge nuclear missile that killed them all. It was a targeted attack and that was the first holy war ever!

But back to REAL dinosaur news:

Study heats up dinosaur metabolism debate -

Many of us can state, with certainty, that dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes were cold-blooded, or ectothermic, a fact that has been ingrained in our minds since we were children.

Scientific consensus, however, is not that certain, and has been shifting in the opposite direction towards the endothermic, or warm-blooded, hypothesis. Contributing to this debate is Herman Pontzer, a professor of anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis.

In an article recently published in PLoS ONE, Pontzer and his colleagues utilized two biomechanical methods to predict the metabolic demands of 14 different species of dinosaurs. These species were chosen based on the completeness of their fossil record, its accessibility and the species' ability to represent the evolutionary lineage from dinosaurs to present-day birds.

In addition, these dinosaurs were also bipedal, walking on two legs instead of four, making it possible to base their energy demands off of those of modern-day bipedal animals. The researchers predicted the amount of energy that would be needed for different walking and running speeds for species of all sizes.

Their results strongly support the warm-blooded hypothesis, as even the least demanding of physical activities in the larger dinosaurs, such as a slow walk, demand much more energy than a cold-blooded physiology can provide.
Well - I saw that there was a place to post a reply, and seeing as how sloppily someone had taken on a subject I care so much for, I HAD to reply:
Paleontologists have been arguing for endothermic dinosaurs for almost 20 years (and maybe even more!). In fact, anyone who has read anything about dinosaur research in the last 20 years HAS to have heard about the theories on warmbloodedness and their genealogical association to birds. You'd only have to watch Jurassic Park (which everyone has) to be aware of these theories.

This article might as well state that heliocentricism is new, while you're reporting in such a timely fashion. Have you heard that Shakespeare's passed away yet?

"Many of us can state, with certainty, that dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes were cold-blooded, or ectothermic, a fact that has been ingrained in our minds since we were children." To be polite, all I can say is that I absolutely can't disagree with you more.

If you knew NOTHING about dinosaurs (seeing as how you've not read anything about them in 20 years) why on earth would you make any conclusion on whether they're ecto- or endothermic? Let alone make those conclusions with "certainty?" Ridiculous.

I honestly love student journalism (was an EIC of my own student paper), and I love dinosaurs, too - and I don't mean to be discouraging. Keep on fighting the good fight, guys - just work your leads.
We'll have to wait and see if anyone responds - I'll keep you up to date ;) There were a few people who wrote about articles I'd done back in the day, at least people care that you're reading their stuff, right?

Continuing with childish dinosaur stuff:

Kids like dinosaur poo - The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported on a public school's lucky opportunity to have a moving museum actually park in front so kids could learn more about dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs and students were all inside a giant blue RV -- the American Museum of Natural History’s Moveable Museum -- parked right on Sixth Avenue. The 37-foot-long RV is a rolling interactive paleontology exhibit, complete with fossils of bones, horns, dinosaur eggs and interactive exhibits. Paleontologists from the museum were onboard to answer questions. [...]

Best of all, the kids got to touch specimens of fossilized prehistoric poop – called coprolites -- to determine dinosaur dietary habits.

“Kids are simultaneously grossed out and intrigued by the coprolites, which are fossilized dino dung,” said Dustin Growick, an onboard Moveable Museum educator. The best thing about the Moveable Museum is “the ability to actually touch fossils and explore,” he told the Brooklyn Eagle. When a school is far away from a museum, “there’s not time to visit. This is a way to bring the museum to them. They get experiences they might not get in the classroom.”

Jeez, maybe some of these kids can write dinosaur articles for the John Hopkins University student paper.

Discovery Channel is releasing a new Dinosaur Fighting show

Discovery Channel is debuting a new series “Clash of the Dinosaurs” Sunday, December 6th. The four part program transports viewers 65 million years into the past to see how dinosaurs survived their harsh habitat and menacing predators.

The new series brings anatomical and paleontological science to life with advanced 3D graphics. Viewers will be able to see for the first time the skin, muscle, and bones of prehistoric creatures, and gain insight to what enabled dinosaurs to survive for close to 100 million years during the Cretaceous period.

This is basically what the other channel did with Dinosaur Fight Club - but hopefully cooler. The DFC was pretty much the same three paleontologists talking for 30 minutes about 2 minutes of footage. Hopefully this does more than that - and then is made available online for people to watch who don't have an expanded cable package. ;)

Maybe the Maoiri saw dinosaurs? A proponent website of Christian faith (which coincidentally also looks for evidence of dinosaurs living with humans) is using old Australian aborigine legends to suggest that dinosaurs and men coexisted.
Aborigines in the northern and eastern parts of Australia tell of the burrunjor. Their descriptions matched that of the allosaurus. As late as 1961 in this part of Australia a tracker reported a bipedal reptile 25 feet long. Aborigines in central Australia tell of the kulta, which is described very much like a diplodocus or apatosaurus. Like these dinosaurs, kulta lived in swamps and ate plants. Cave drawings in northern Australia depict similar creatures. Aborigines refused to settle on Lake Galilee in western Queensland because a monster lived in the lake. This creature, which they called a bunyip, sounds like a plesiosaur. The fact that the Aboriginal descriptions so accurately match dinosaurs known to the rest of the world show that these are recent memories – exactly what we would expect if the biblical history is accurate.
It seems to me that any time someone says "It's a fact," or "The fact that," is always followed by something that is definitely not an empirical observation, and possibly not a fact at all. In any case, it would be an absolutely amazing success for there to be an extant living species of an ancient dinosaur of any kind still alive today - however, the rest of this stuff is pretty flimsy, at best.

The BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs
I get updates on this tour every day. It's been touring all across Canada and the United States for well over a year now - and I've never posted anything about it, until now. Frankly, I'm sorry that I've ruined the surprise, but I'm on to whoever decided to get me a great Christmas gift. Thank you, I'm thrilled. Really, thanks very much, but I cannot accept this:

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Organizers of the Mexican tour of the "Walking With Dinosaurs" show say someone has walked off with a robotic baby Plateosaurus.

Spokeswoman Karla Arrollo says the 1.5-meter (5-foot), remote-controlled dinosaur worth $25,000 disappeared after Friday's performance. Police say they are investigating the alleged theft.

Can a Dinosaur still kill you, even now? Yes! They can!

Last week the 24th annual “Trouble in Toyland” advisory was released, and among the potentially dangerous toys listed were at least two dinosaurs. One, “Stompers” the Triceratops by Playskool, is so loud that it has raised worries that it might cause hearing damage (to say nothing of how it might affect the sanity of everyone else in the house who hears it repeatedly roar). The makers of the toy deny the charge, however, citing that it meets all safe sound requirements.

The other prehistoric offender was the cloth book Big Rex and Friends. According to the report, a red dot on one of the book’s pages contains lead.

While parents have always been a bit worried about toy safety during the holidays (”You’ll shoot your eye out.“) worries over shoddy production and lead paint in toys has made parents even more concerned in recent years. Resources such as the Toy Safety website can help parents avoid these worries, but since the science fiction of Jurassic Park has not become a reality at least parents don’t have to worry about their little ones begging for a real Tyrannosaurus for Christmas.

Awesome! For the record, No, this is not a hint to get me "Stompers." But, Yes, this WAS a hint to get me the BBC's remote-controlled Plateosaurus from Mexico.

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