Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lefevre's Redemption | In Business Magazine

Well - here's an interesting coincidence. Well not that interesting, and I'm not sure that it really coincides, but ... one writing project, my novel, Lefevre's Redemption, had its second draft finished. I've reached out to a few trusted (and hopefully interested) reviewers for their thoughts and should have their feedback before the end of February. Let's hope.

If you'd like to see the first 50 pages of the novel, you can at this link. Be warned, this is a .pdf and may load differently than a normal html page.

On the topic of .pdfs and my writing, the latest of my stories for In Business Magazine is available at their website.

PROFILE Story By Ryan Rogers
Photo By Sean Dolan
It’s amazing what the right type of curtains or blinds can do to transform any room in your house into a cozy and impressive space that you can be proud of. The only obstacle is that there are too many options, too many questions, and it’s difficult to get a good feeling for how something that’s in the store might look once it’s back in
your home.

Geraldine “Gerry” Dewar and Duane Eddie are the owner/operators of Windsor-Essex’s Budget Blinds franchise, and they’ve been solving that problem one customer at a time. Dewar explained that they have only been at it for about a year and a half, after looking for quite a while to find a business that the two of them could do together.

“We both wanted to be equally involved. We investigated several different avenues, and found Budget Blinds just seemed to be a perfect fit for us,” Dewar said. “ I would be more involved with the consultation and the day-to-day running of the business, and Duane would handle the installation end of it, as he is a more hands-on kind
of guy.”

With their complementary skill sets, the twosome were eager to embrace a career opportunity that offered autonomy and a chance to work together. When they came across the opportunity to operate a Budget Blinds franchise they signed the papers and started making house calls. [Click to read more]

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