Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lost news 4

I would love to have a Gizmo audio file of him saying "Neat" from Gremlins for when cool things come up. All I can find is Corey Feldman expressing his interest in the maguai when Billy shows it to him (just before they spill water on Gizmo). Anyhow, here's a Gremlins soundboard for you to hear the different sound bites that exist.

This is a roundabout way of saying, THIS IS NEAT:

The season 5 BluRay set has a special edition that's all dolled up to look like 40-year-old Dharma Initiative stuff. Really cool attention to detail. Too bad you can only get it in BluRay.

Lost season five is releasing on DVD and ABC is offering up something special for hardcore Lost aficionados. The DHARMA Orientation Kit comes with the full fifth season on Blu-ray, of course, but they’re housed floppy disc style in a large binder wrapped in a cardboard box. Very retro. The binder contains the basics for new DHARMA recruits: a VHS orientation video, printed guides to the compound, and embroidered patches to add to your clothes and make you the supreme ├╝ber geek.

Here's a new trailer for the upcoming final season of Lost

It was released in, like, Spain or something. It's pretty boss, eh?

Bill Murray's influence?
After the release-date for the show was provided for February 2, apparently some fans believed that it must incorporate with Groundhog Day, not the date, but the movie from 1993.

I would have to believe that any genuine discussion on the subject would only be done with tongue in cheek - BUT here is a thread where the idea has been brought up for discussion. Some fans believe that the "Reset Theory" in where Jack's detonation of the Jughead bomb has created a significant enough impact on the past to alter their future actions - hence Flight 815 never crashes on the Island, thus sparing them all of the death and losses they've experienced since the crash.

This parallels well with Groundhog Day, where "Phil" (like the groundhog?!) relives the same day (the detested groundhog day in Punxsutawney) as he learns valuable lessons about life. Aawwh.

However, the premiere date set by ABC has absolutely nothing to do with the executive producers or their story-design, so it would be an absolute coincidence if the show were to be so closely related to the air date. In conclusion, this is not a clue.

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