Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lost news 9

This week - the biggest most interesting item that came up is a very cool contest for the upcoming season. Online, each week, last season, the ABC/Lost team released the first scene (called a "teaser") before the episode aired on television. The execs have also concluded that they will not be teasing any new footage for the final season so to not reveal any secrets of any kind prior to the season premiere on February 2.

BUT that doesn't mean that they are refusing to show it to anyone. If you sign up to the ABC site and answer the questions they've listed - if you're a fan, they aren't hard - if you're not a fan, this contest isn't for you - then you are entered to win.

If you win, you will receive in the mail a "message in a bottle" style package with a bottle, in which is a memory key that contains the first scene of the next episode! That's thematically and stylistically VERY cool - PLUS, the memory key is to be designed to resemble the "fail safe key" from the Swan Station (the one that Desmond turned to detonate the electromagnetic pocket at the end of Season 2).

Even more thematically linked to the show, there will 815 winners selected, linking the flight number 815 that the Losties first arrived on the Island upon.

Awesome! So, do you think I signed up? You'd better believe I did - even if non-Americans don't count. Even if.

ABC and the "Lost" team are sticking to their promise not to air any footage from the final season before it premieres Feb. 2. But if you're lucky, you might see a bit of the premiere ahead of time.

The show is running a sweepstakes in advance of the season premiere in which people can win a valuable prize: A peek at the debut a few days before it airs. OK, so maybe there's not a ton of monetary value in that, but to a "Lost" obsessive, it's gold.

It works like this: Go to the show's sweepstakes site and answer six questions about the series (you'll have to register with first, if you're not already). The site is accepting one entry per e-mail address through Jan. 17. ABC will choose 815 winners from the submissions and mail them a "message in a bottle" containing a USB drive that "resembles ... Desmond Hume's fail-safe key." The drive contains a video that includes scenes from last season's finale, "The Incident," plus a sneak peek at the new season.

Winners will receive their packages on Friday, Jan. 29, four days before the premiere.

The sweepstakes site, once again, is

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