Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Odd news 3

First off, this morning it had snowed, and the place looked luvally. It was really great. I've been waiting for snow for all this time, and am glad it came. My wife said she heard on the radio that this marked the first time in a long time that Toronto didn't get any snow in the month of November. I don't remember all of the details, but it was newsworthy. Interesting, yeah?

That being said, here are more interesting things that came up over the past week:

Here's something fun: 6-year-olds smashing each other!

The first hit, the kid's holding the ball, and I'm pretty sure at his age, he literally has no idea what to do, or what to expect. I think he probably cried after being crushed. The second hit was fantastic. Any time you can toss someone of your equal body weight across the stratosphere like that is a thing of beauty. Nice vid.

Furthermore - one of my favourite karaoke songs is The Bohemian Rhapsody - and it's doubly good to watch Muppets perform it.

Cool, right?

Also cool, Monster Squad is now available on Blu-Ray (which couldn't interest me at all) but it marks the 20th anniversary of the movie (it's 20 years old?!). I won a bet a little while ago and I get a rental movie of my choice for free! I was thinking of watching the new Terminator movie for free (not sure I'd be interested in paying for it) but Monster Squad would be an awesome view, too!

Loch Ness Monster promoting Scotland?
This isn't exactly a new theory - but some "doctor" has decided he'd publicize his opinion that the Loch Ness Monster in films is helping to boost tourism in Scotland. Seriously? As if every corner shop doesn't have toys, trinkets, t-shirts, books, shot glasses, etc, etc taking advantage of the Loch Monster for the sake of tourism? As if half of those shops aren't named after the monster.

This isn't news - but someone at the BBC has decided to publish an article on it. You can probably skip the link.

Monster catches: 4.1 metre tiger shark and 13-point, 19-inch spread monarch deer

To be fair, I'm no expert on what constitutes huge in terms of deer and tiger sharks, but these stories have the authors excited - so they're worth passing on.

In terms of sharks, it's good news that Australia has those drumlines out there to keep the sharks off the pedestrian beaches - because:
On average, about 50 [sharks] have been caught at Cairns, the Capricorn Coast, Mackay and Gladstone between January and November this year.

Fifty-two sharks, including a 4-metre specimen and 27 others larger than 2 metres, were caught further south at Rainbow Beach.

Catch data also shows decent shark activity in southern waters, with a 3-metre great hammerhead found in shark control nets on the Gold Coast and a 4-metre tiger shark among 24 animals caught off Stradbroke Island.
And on the big tiger shark:

A 4.1-metre tiger shark was the largest shark to be caught in beach protection nets this year, demonstrating how close swimmers can come to the predators of the deep.

The animal was snared in drumlines off Townsville in October. Of the 505 sharks caught so far this year, more than 100 of them have been in Townsville waters.

And then a big guy in Olivet, MI shot and dusted a giant deer, according to this article.

One morning Strader gazed out a window and spotted the giant meandering through a field in back of his house. In boots and boxers, Strader sprinted out and around the buck to videotape it. Anyone questioning the size of its antlers can watch the video and judge for themselves. Even the blackbird that landed on an antler seemed to know this was no ordinary deer.
Yup, this sounds like the type of story legends are made of. Guess somebody ought'a kill it.
Easing up the ridge, he peaks over top of it. Sure enough, the buck is there, and it's on the move again. Strader shoots and shoots, not sure if anything is hitting the deer.

"I'm just dying, because now I'm out of shells."

It doesn't matter, because the buck is out of options.

Strader sits down in the field next to the buck, feeling the smoothness of its antlers for the first time.

Knowing the field where he sits holds the buck of a lifetime - knowing the field is his field of dreams.
When I find a corpse, I usually feel for its smoothness, too. [JK, if there's any RCMP out there watching what I say ... it's not usual for me to feel for smoothness on found corpses.]

How big is the body? The story says, "A 5-year-old monarch that carried a rack with 13 points, an inside spread of 19-inches and a green Boone & Crockett score of 176 3/8-inches."

Yahoo Sports gives us the Top 10 stories in the NHL over the last decade

10. Birth of the KHL (2008)
9. Bankruptcy protection (2003)
8. Concussions (since late 90s)
7. Marty McSorley assaults Donald Brashear (2000)
6. Jim Balsillie vs. the NHL (2006 - present)
5. Death of Dan Snyder (2003)
4. Crosby vs. Ovechkin (nice)
3. Television Hallelujahs and Headaches in the U.S. (TV ratings aren't good sports stories, let's just say this shouldn't make for the Top 3)
2. The Todd Bertuzzi(notes) Incident (2004)
1. Lockout (2004-05) WHERE THE F' IS WAYNE GRETZKY'S RETIREMENT! Yahoo Sports fails!

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