Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Odd news 5

So, back to some interesting/odd/fun news today (I hope you like the Cookie Monster/Rammstein video last week) this is what's cool right now.

Jack Black Hunts Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster With New Animated Movie
Black recently scored big in the world of animation with his turn voicing the title role in 'Kung Fu Panda,' and now Variety reports he'll return to 'toons with a new animated film pitch. The untitled project takes place in the world of cryptozoology, which deals with the search for such creatures of lore as the Loch Ness Monster, the Jersey Devil and Bigfoot.

The script was written by Jason Micallef, with Black producing with his Electric Dynamite partner Benjamin Cooley for Illumination Entertainment, the family-based unit of Universal Pictures. As of right now, Black will only be producing and will not be providing a voice for one of the characters.
Not providing a voice for one of the characters? Well, this is hardly note-worthy news. My apologies.
More than meets the drive
I have no idea how long this has been available for sale, but it's pretty cool.

That's right, it's a 2GB flash memory stick that transforms into Ravage from Transformers (the cartoon, not the movie). That's awesome, and geeky.

Ultimate Zombie List
Normally when you make a "Best of .." list, you keep it brief. This list, on the other hand, is quite comprehensive. This has 22 items, hardly a Top 10. I don't even know what they left off the list - I mean, ... this is like the encyclopedia of major zombie productions.

This reminds me, actually, of an old English lesson years and years ago where there was some poem we were analyzing and there was mention of a "mere sexual assault," or something like that. And it wasn't that "mere" indicated that sexual assault was a minor crime, but that the act was so bad that it was characterized by a word that indicated the author's distaste for it. Does that make sense? Yeah, you have to get pretty liberal with a translation like that, but ...

perhaps here "Ultimate" means not that the inclusions are of great value, but rather, that this list is the greatest list, because it's so damned big. I mean, there are screen caps, game reviews and even video clips included in this thing. Check it out for all the details.


Items on the List I agree with:
Zombieland - good movie from earlier this fall.
28 Days Later - although, zombie purists don't consider "the infected" true zombies.
Dawn of the Dead - original from 1978 (awesome!) Remake is the greatest zombie movie of the last 20 years.
Shaun of the Dead - AGREED. One of the most tightly written comedy scripts I've ever seen.
Night of the Living Dead - the beginning of the genre as we know it.

Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies
Yeah, it's just like it sounds. I have seen news stories on this book for over a year now, and it's basically, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and someone added zombies to it. I've heard they're going to remake something else with "sea monsters." Like, Wuthering Heights and Sea Monsters.

I either posted this a long while ago, or I wasn't interested and didn't bother, I can't remember (I think I ignored it - not a big fan of Victorian lit). Now, it would appear, that it will be made into a movie. Meh - but wait there's more, it will star Natalie Portman. Double-meh. It's too bad, too, because I like zombies, though I doubt they'll eat the heroine in the end.

Will the Earth Expire by 2050?
I was going to write something about this article which I thought would be interesting, but it's SO awful and void of anything you would consider worth reading that I'm surprised it was found in a newspaper at all. Honestly, The Daily Star may as well be the World Weekly News.

The World Wildlife Fund claims that the Earth will become uninhabitable by 2050. Our planet has been badly abused, and it has been dying a slow death. The Earth will face extinction in roughly forty years, which is sooner than a child born today enters midlife crisis. [No scientist, study or research paper quoted - just jibberish]

So, the news [what news? You haven't reported anything yet] is bleak for those who are working hard to build the future of their children, and for all those ambitious people who have grandiose plans for their future. Why bother about interior decoration if the house is burning? There may not be any future left in the future. The Earth is dying. [According to whom?Mohammad Badrul Ahsan, what are you basing this on?]

Signs are there in escalating global warming [is that even a complete sentence?]. There has been drastic reduction in rainfall. Rivers are shrinking. Satellite photos show Greenland ice sheets in full-fledged meltdown. A large portion of Bangladesh is likely to go under water. In US much of Manhattan and eastern shore of Maryland could be washed into the Atlantic Ocean. Pacific island nations will be blotted out. Hurricanes will ravage the Earth. Rising sea levels and severe droughts will destroy crops. Widespread famine will wreak havoc with starvation and death. [Where are you reporting this from? Did you just watch 2012 and decide to report on the environment afterward?]

The article went on to talk about studies from 2004 and 2005 - I mean, what constitutes news in ... wherever the hell this paper is from, Dhaka, India? Awful.

MacGyver Cat - this is wickedawesome

Just watch it. It's perfect.

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