Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Odd news 7

There have been a lot of "End of the Year" Top 10 lists lately, especially with everyone trying to find the Top 10 cool things of the first ten years of this second millennium. Well, here's a neat one: Ten Remarkable Monsters Named in Last Ten Years.

In the last ten years, researchers have discovered thousands of species, both living and extinct. We got dino-eating crocodiles and killer kangaroos; a fish with a transparent head and a demon duck of doom; a bright pink millipede and giant spiders. And previously named species, such as the tongue-eating isopod and the alien-limbed Magnapinna, made headlines.

A few of these species were observed before 2000, but were only named or recognized as species in the last ten years. And each has some wonderfully monstrous quality, be it their incredible size, arsenal of offensive or defensive weapons, or knack for survival.

  • The Bornean clouded Leopard (found in 2007) with sabreteeth!
  • Titanoboa (largest snake ever found - though it's extinct)
  • Fanged frog of Papua New Guinea (they actually eat birds)
  • Svalbard Pliosaur (biggest carnivorous skull around)
  • Giant jellyfish (Malo kingi) are the most toxic in the world (avoid Queensland)
  • Josephoartigasia monesi, a capybara that weighed a literal ton, from South America
  • Mammal-eating plants, Nepenthes attenboroughii, of the Phillipines
  • Jaekelopterus rhenaniae, a 8.2 metre sea-scorpion from 390 million years ago
There are more on the list, including bacteria that exists in pressurized hairspray cans, and a sea-worm that emits a flash of light to blind enemies while they slink away.

Another list of "The Greatest" of the year includes the most pirated movies of 2009.

The blog site TorrentFreak claims that the movie Star Trek was downloaded illegally 10 million times by Internet users. Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and 2012 rounded out the list.

That's a LOT of downloads. Now we have to redirect all those Trekkies toward The Extent!

Next year in review is for BOOKS. The number one thing that they wanted to talk about was: Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.
1. The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown's follow-up to his global best-seller The Da Vinci Code was the one book everyone wanted to read. And Brown didn't disappoint. Trading the mysteries of Christianity for the mysteries of American history, Brown titillated his fans with conspiracy theories dating back to the Founding Fathers. Brown's publisher, Doubleday, printed 5 million copies to start, and Amazon.com readers downloaded it faster than any other book in the retailer's history. It was just what most people needed in a tough year: a bit of frivolous distraction.
Not much of a review - but I did read this one. I'll have to think about it for a while, but I think I managed to read a bunch of books this year, which was cool. Stephen King says he reads about 70 a year - that's a lot. I don't think I'll get close to that at all.

Another cool list for you to enjoy is 100 Awesome Comic Book Covers. Just a taste, is this image of Wolverine rejecting some bullets to the face. I'm allergic to bullets, personally, but Wolverine seems to not care very much.

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