Sunday, December 13, 2009

Police broke into our place?

Racy headline, I know. But we think the police may have broken into our apartment, once upon a time.

A little while ago we had new counter tops put in our kitchen, and when the old counter top came out, there were things that had fallen into the spaces under the counter. This business card was one of those things.

The business card, as you can plainly see, is from a police officer. It has a small pin-hole in it, meaning it was pinned to something (probably our front door).

On the back of the card is the date from 2003, and a note from the officer. You can see what it reads rather plainly, too.

Now, it's our belief that police officers likely don't patrol the neighbourhoods checking doors to see which ones might need new locks.

Here's what I think happened: You know those TV shows where cops knock on the door and say "Open up! Police!" and then before they wait for someone to open the door, they just kick it in with their guns drawn? I think THAT happened. I think they kicked the door in, and then pinned this business card with this note on the front of the door. It only seems reasonable.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share that. I thought it was funny.

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