Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Extent | Episode 12 "The Message Home"

Alright, it was on time as advertised - in fact it was up bright and early on Friday morning. So I'm a little late posting this up here.

Survival of the Fittest

Info: Revelations set some in the group into a new direction.

Hmm, despite this being the first post since December 24; a clear month since the last episode - that time wasn't spent writing anything for the information section. Did I send some for Jay to post along with it? You'd better believe it. Was it worth my time? I guess not. It should read:
Written by: Jay Nassr
Directed by: Jay Nassr

Plot: Putting his plan in action, Luther climbs the ladder to learn more about the camera that has been watching them. It is their only hope – and their escape hinges on whether he can turn that device into a way out.
And even worse, it's hardly even an episode long. The episode actually ends at 4:43 of a 6:07 video. It would appear that even Jay felt that this was embarrassingly little to give fans who've waited a month - so he added a teaser at the end to bulk the video up some more. Yet, we should all know by now, fluff and filler do not a good video make.

Admittedly, there are two plot twists - albeit one is obviously designed for ratings, and it leaves on a relative cliffhanger. These are good things and I hope you appreciate it.

Now, I know what happens in the finale - and I can go and say this - if you're used to Lost finales where they leave you with a huge frustrating cliffhanger - this is probably going to make things easier for you. The show is going to reveal a lot in the next two episodes on Monday. If you're looking for answers - you'll be pleased.

Hope you're enjoying the show.

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