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Lost news 10

Only 27 more days until Lost gets going again! (unless Barack Obama fucks it all up)

Here's an interesting interview with Michael Emerson:
And yet, even though he's questioned himself about whether he is acting or not, Ben and Emerson are not entwined. "He [Ben] is not about humour. He has an ironical point of view sometimes. He's more childish than I am, but he's also more brilliant than I am. I don't know. I don't have so much-I think that I am more socially skilled than Ben. Ben doesn't really know how to be around people very easily or certainly not how to be around women."

Although Ben hasn't been a hit with the ladies (unlike Sawyer) Emerson won't dismiss the fact Ben could be romantically involved in the future.

"He obviously had complicated feelings about Juliet and other women has yet been unknown probably. We will see," he says. "But he is not very evolved personally, intellectually." However, in the same breath, Emerson offers a contrasting notion whilst sounding perturbed at the same time: "Now, what kind of a scene would that be? With whom?"
Last season is paralleled to the Last Supper

Biggest non-surprise? Check out who's playing the part of Jesus Christ -- none other than John Locke. The promo pic can be found in the latest issue of TV Guide and based on a quick glimpse, it's a safe bet that Lost junkies are gonna have a field day with it -- look at Sawyer leaning on Kate's chair! If you feel like snooping, there's a high-res version of the pic here.

In fact, there are two more better copies of the picture here.
Test your Lost Savvy
Well, if you've been to Oahu, which I have, there's a fun Online game that might be worth your while - and that's to see if you can identify the filming location for each scene (except for two out of over 100 hours of filming) of Lost. In particular, over the years, a real estate listing photographer, Ryan Ozawa, has been recording filming updates and locations all around the Island for years.

Ozawa has been to the set so many times, the crew knows him. Although sometimes he's been asked not to take a photo — and even if he is in a public place, he'll oblige the request — he's frequently allowed to stay and watch.

"When I leave my camera in my car, we're good buddies," he said. "When I have my camera around my neck, the game is on. But if there is anything I want to stress is that it is cordial. It is cat and mouse, but we are friendly."

The extensive location work makes "Lost" a visual treat to watch, in Ozawa's opinion; it may be television, but it has a "cinematic" feel, he said.

"It is fundamentally important," he said. "You can tell when something is shot on a soundstage, no matter how good the lighting is. There is something about an actual street. Real depth."

That's a cool job. I often find updates from him on the site I use for all my Lost scoops (or recaps),

John Locke and Ben Linus are named in the top 10 most memorable characters of the decade.

Locke is No. 7

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

At the start of Lost, John Locke is broken in every sense of the word – his parents abandoned, then betrayed him, he lost his one true love and he was confined to a wheelchair after being brutally attacked. When he crash landed on the island, he became the quintessential man of faith. He’s had a few moments of doubt, but his faith in the island remains strong. We have one season left to find out if his trust was ultimately in vain, but either way, it’s been an incredibly entertaining ride.

Ben was No. 3

“Of course, if I was one of them - these people that you seem to think are your enemies - what would I do? Well, there’d be no balloon, so I’d draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush - good place for a trap - an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them. Then they’d use them to trade for me. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not one of them, huh? … You guys got any milk?”

Week after week, Michael Emerson puts on an acting clinic on Lost. It’s impossible to keep your eyes off of him. His slightest inflections and subtle gestures convey so much, adding a whole other dimension to the character. It also helps that the writers of Lost have given him so much to work with, making Ben such a rich and complex character.

Interview on the new season with the executive producers A great interview, a bunch of laughs to be had, and I think, though they are still very guarded about the content of the upcoming season, they are as honest and up-front with their answers as you're going to get. That's what I like about these two - they've got a great sense of humour and you can trust what they're saying.


Lindelof: No. We don't. The world works in mysterious ways, but our full-time job for the last six years has been coming in here and working 70- to 80-hour weeks on "Lost." The idea of going back into the fray Brett Favre-style is not alluring to us. When we finish "Lost" we will disappear to our undisclosed locations then think about things for a while.

Cuse: I think the one thing that's pretty certain is neither of us have a great (urge) to do something that's this dense, sprawling and serialized. You need to exercise different creative muscles.

Lindelof: My hope is to rip off other successful shows.


Lindelof: Exactly. Maybe a show about vampires that work in an ad agency and one is a serial killer.

Cuse: Especially if the lead character is also cooking meth.

Lindelof: Oh, I hadn't thought of that. Almost guaranteed an Emmy. "Breaking Bad Men."

You can trust every word that they say ;)


Lost is the second most pirated television show on the Internet, with Heroes (which I hear will be canceled by the end of this season). So, the two most popular Online programs that viewers are interested in stealing are coming off the market this spring. How do you like that?
Commenting on the piracy of US TV-shows Torrentfreak observed: “The rise of unauthorised downloading of TV-shows is a signal that customers want something that is not available through other channels. Availability seems to be the key issue why people turn to BitTorrent, and this is also reflected in the fact that most downloads occur from countries where the show has yet to air on TV.”

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