Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Odd news 9

This time around, we've got some odd news indeed. It's all weird, but be sure to click on the two videos. The one of the kid who doesn't like his mom is cute - and the one of the snowball isn't ugly, but it is stupid. You'll like it. And read about a new zombie movie that's being set in Ontario!

Deniers claim Loch Ness Monster is alive!

The head of the Loch Ness monster fan club has hit back at claims the mythical creature may have become extinct.

Gary Campbell has dismissed suggestions by a US documentary that the monster’s corpse could be lying at the bottom of the loch after dying sometime in the last few years.

Mr Campbell, chief of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club, insists there was one "credible" sighting of the monster in June last year.

But he admits sightings are becoming increasingly rare.

"If it hadn't been for that [sighting], we would have been really, really worried,” Mr Campbell told Britain's Telegraph newspaper.

"There is an embarrassment factor to seeing Nessie — the first thing people say to you is, 'Had you had a drink?’”

He said the June sighting was trustworthy because it came from a local fisherman familiar with the loch's quirks.

Less loch-savvy people sometimes confused boat wakes or even seals with the monster, he said.

Time for some funny/cute videos

Stupid kid gets smashed by a snowball
Little kid doesn't like his mum when she doesn't give him cookies

Zombie idea gets a terrifying new twist
Will Pfeifer of the GateHouse News Service says:
I’ve seen a lot of zombie movies in my lifetime, everything from the slow-moving, black-and-white horrors of 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead” to the fast-paced, full-color thrills of last year’s “Zombieland.” So when I see a zombie flick that puts a new twist on the genre, I sit up and take notice. 'Pontypool' is worth sitting up for,"
He continues:
Set in a radio station in Pontypool, Ontario, [cool!] the movie watches DJ Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie), his producer Sydney (Lisa Houle) and technician Laurel Ann (Georgina Reilly) deal with an increasingly chaotic situation outside the building. They’re not sure exactly what’s happening, but the reports are not good: wandering “herds” of people, bodies being torn apart, survivors missing limbs and, most unnerving, seemingly sane folks who get stuck repeating one word or phrase and then become ... something else.
And there's a secret to the film, a kicker twist that makes it all worth while. Sounds very interesting!

Along the lines of zombies,
In the earthquake stricken Haiti, suggests that Voodoo priests are actually fearing zombies returning from the dead.
The head Voodoo priest of Haiti is sickened by the desecration of dead bodies, as they are unceremoniously collected off of the city streets and hurled into mass graves. In a nation where many people practice Voodoo, the supernatural prospect of Zombies rising from the mass graves to prey on the living, is a real fear.
This doesn't seem like a very nice thing to suggest of such a poor and crippled nation.

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