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What Kate Does | 6.03

Before we get started with any kind of recap/transcription, there is some important Lost news to forward for everyone - basically, the series finale will actually be aired on a different day than regular programming.
Well, one "Lost" mystery has been solved. ABC has set the date for the series finale.

The two-hour "Lost" finale will air at 9 p.m. Sunday, May 23, on WEWS Channel 5. It will be preceded at 8 p.m. by a one-hour recap special.
So, that's odd, but affective. Looks like ABC is interested in making this a television event instead of just another episode.

Here we go - what happens after Sayid wakes up?
The Lennon looking fellah goes to find the Japanese guy to let him know Sayid is alive. Jack and Hurley are astonished - Miles looks freaked out. He's light-headed and still knows all their names, but doesn't remember what happened to him. Jack tells him he died. Kate can't believe it.

Sawyer's bitter that an unworthy Sayid gets to come back from the dead while Juliet doesn't. Sawyer's thinking about getting outta there - segueing to Kate's predicament in LA. I didn't notice the first time, but the cab driver is the puppet-master from Heroes. So, Kate and Claire aren't going to run over Arzt, and Claire is Kate's hostage now. They drive over Arzt's luggage. Kate steals Claire's suitcase and drives off.

Back on the Island, Sayid is still getting his bearings. Miles is sarcastic about Hurley's leadership position, but more importantly, we learn that Sayid's bullet-wound is almost completely closed - and Sayid believes Jack saved him.

Sawyer takes off - and the Japanese guy finally speaks English, despite his distaste for it. Sawyer probably should have stayed.

Back from the break
Hey - I remember this Other with the gun from Season 3. Kate and Jin are going to go after Sawyer - it's very important that he comes back to the Temple.

On the mainland - Kate finds a guy to cut her cuffs off. So, she stole Claire's suitcase so she could steal her clothes. Should be interesting to see her dressed like Claire. And we've got some pics of Claire with the preggers and baby toys. Kate starts to think twice?

Jack can't go on this adventure because Sawyer would kill him, so he's got to stay back and handle Sayid - but me thinks Hurley is more likely to be of use than Jack. And Jack shows that he's still got a thing for Kate.

Japanese guy and Sayid are doing someting crazy now - he blows a dust over Sayid, then puts wires in his pubes? He ran some juice through Sayid and is ready to brand him? Then he burns his poor stomach? They had to put him through a test - but don't worry, Sayid passed. Wait - Sayid didn't pass the test - uh, oh.

After the break
So Claire is stuck on the side of the road, and Kate goes back to pick 'er up. So Claire gets a lift from Kate.

Back on the Island, the Others out right say they're protecting the Losties from the black smoke monster. Aldo seems like a prick, but "Justin" seems like he's helping out. Ah - three years ago. I guess that tells us what year we're in. So ... if Rousseau didn't build those traps - who did? [I think I know who it is.]

Back at the Temple, Sayid reveals that he was tortured and they don't know why. Jack think's he's going to get some answers, though. I think one of those guys was f-ing Pickett from the third season!

Finally Lennon and Jack get to have their chat. Sayid is "infected!" which is a great word to finally hear. Are they going to tell us what the infection is? Give your friend this pill. This is the same infection the French team had, I'm sure. And of course we don't want the infection to spread.

Japanese guy speaks English when it's most important - when he needs to be heard. He compels Jack to heal Sayid. If he doesn't take the medicine, the infection will spread ...

After the commercials
Miles asks a bunch of weird questions about dying - wonder why Miles is so curious about death? Jack convinces Sayid to take the pill by saying he trusts the Others.

Kate and Jin are wandering around ... and Jin says he needs to get back to Sun. She doesn't have a plan.

Back in LA, Claire and Kate are doing some bonding. Claire seems uncertain, she wants Kate to come in with her. The adopting parents had split up, and she can't take the baby now. And the commotion works Claire up into labour.

Back on the Island, Kate is at the Barracks. The place is abandoned pretty good. She can hear someone clunking around. Is she going to meet Christian Shepperd? Nope - Sawyer is digging through the floorboards in one of the houses. He's got an old shoe box. Is it something he hid in the floorboards thirty years ago when he and Juliet were living with the DI?

He's unimpressed with seeing Kate - good.

After the commercials
Kate and Claire pull the taxi up to ... the hospital. Hope Claire has traveller's insurance. Ethan Rom is Dr. Goodspeed? I guess little Ethan got off the Island back in the day?! Wow! Weird - I like this twist. The nurse looks VERY familiar as well ... not sure why.

Claire just named the baby Aaron. Pretty weird - but I like it.i

Back on the Island t the end of the Apalla Ferry (where I've totally been in real life!) and Sawyer and Kate are having a moment together. She tries to recruit Sawyer to help reunite Claire with Aaron. Sawyer has a helluva moment taking responsibility for Juliet's death. He pulled out an engagement ring? (Did the DI have a jeweller on the Island?) then he tosses the ring away. And then Kate cried.

Back to the Temple, Japanese guy is spinning a baseball - just in time for Jack to enter. Perhaps we'll hear more about the Red Sox? He must remain separate from the people in charge of. It's a leadership strategy. His name is Dogen. He was brought here to the Island. Jack demands to know what's in the pill, but Dogen won't tell. So Jack goes to take the pill? Dogen stops Jack, and admits, yeah, that pill is poison.

Commercials again ...
Claire is looking at the ultrasound and the police showed up looking for "Joan Hart." Seems they've come this far for Kate. Claire covers for her. Then she gives Kate her credit card.

Back on the Island Sawyer looks pretty defeated - he goes back into his home. Kate is filling up a canteen.

Back in the Temple, Dogen and Lennon are astonished the Jack swallowed the pill. Why do they want to kill Sayid? They believe he has been "claimed." There is a darkness growing in him, and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone.

Because it happened to your sister! Meaning, as I suspected, Claire, I would imagine! Who's setting up all those Rousseau-style traps? Aldo and Justin get taken down ... Claire looks like total hell - nice!

Yet - we must be concerned, because the Others believe that she has been infected. Awesome.

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