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Lost 6.07 | Dr. Linus

If your name is Scott and you like the blog, but you don't watch Lost - you should probably skip this post. Nothing personal - it's just likely not for you.

So - the title of this episode promises that we're going to have some Ben Linus importance on the Island, and for the first time, some furthering of the story of the alternate story line. We've seen what Kate, Jack, Locke and Sayid have done in the alternate story lines, but ... finally we're going to have an episode where the story can pick up where it left off - and that's important. Where are they going with it?

Previously on Lost - Ben killed Jacob, Jack is pissed that his name was on the Lighthouse, Jacob had to get Jack and Hurley away from the Temple, and MIB murdered everyone at the Temple.

Now - Ben is running through the woods alone - and he falls down, out of breath. A bunch of folks with torches are walking by. It's Lapidus, Sun, Ilana, - Sayid reveals that Dogen and the interpreter were both killed by Sayid. Ben wants to go back to the beach - Ilana agrees. Ben appears to have a plan - if not, he's essentially just being a leader.

Sideways: It was on this Island that everything changed. Elba is where Napoleon faced his greatest test. He had to confront the absence of power. Interesting perspective. Some fellow wants to meet with Linus. Linus has to supervise detention. [I thought that with Linus as a European history professor we'd learn some lesson that showed the entire European history of the world was different because of "The Incident." If that's still a possibility, we didn't see evidence of it tonight].

In detention - Arzt is there - he works at the same school as Linus (Dr. Linus, actually). Arzt is still the same putz. Taking care of kids, that's what's important. Ben refuses to give up - perhaps he should be the principal - says Locke. Locke believes that if the man in charge doesn't care, then he should be replaced. Interesting. Is this the driving factor between MIB and Jacob?

Back on the Island. They're all marching around - Ben is still hiding behind his lie that Smokey killed Jacob. Miles is going to read Jacob's ashes? Can he do that? Looks like Linus is going to get outed. Miles is pretty crafty - is he going to sell Linus out? YUP!

Jacob was the closest thing that Ilana ever had to a father - sounds bad for Ben. Ilana had never met Miles before - yet she knows exactly who he is and what he can do. [So - Ilana never had a father - but Jacob filled in that role for her? Sounds like these daddy-issues are more important than ever - especially considering that we've got Roger Linus coming up.]


We're back - the crew is marching through the jungle. They're on an entirely new mission now that the Temple has been infiltrated. They made it back to the beach camp. Getting a fire going Ilana would like - Miles doesn't seem so hopeful. Ben wants to help, he tries to manipulate Ilana - but she doesn't seem to be biting. Lapidus reveals that people just don't like Ben.

Sideways: Ben takes a frozen dinner out of his microwave. He's got his father with him! Very cool. He loves his father - he's trying to keep him healthy. Ben doesn't like caring for the kids in detention. He fears that he's more a loser than any of the kids he's watching. Roger wanted a better life for Ben. Roger reveals that they'd both been to the Island been before. If they'd stayed - their lives could have been very different. Who knows what you would have become?! So -here's one mystery solved. They were on the Island - but left it. Likely before the Incident - but we can't be sure just yet.

Alex Rousseau was in Ben's history club! Too weird. She was counting on the tutoring - and he's happy to make time for her. Really weird - opens up more possibilities. Did Danielle raise Alex? Did the French expedition ever leave to find the numbers? Were the numbers ever broadcast? We'll have to wait and find out.

On the Island: Ilana is building something - and Sun is back to having to find her husband. Ilana wants to find Jin, too - but she doesn't know where to look. She needs to protect the candidates, but she doesn't know which Kwan is "42." You'll find out what you're a candidate for if you're selected. There are only six candidates left.

Hurley and Jack are among those six. Jack wakes up Hurley - they want to head back to the Temple. We can tell in this scene that Jack does what he wants to do - and Richard shows up! Awesome.

Where did Richard come from? You wouldn't believe Richard if he told you. Not yet! What does that mean?

Ben is going through Sawyers old tent. Lapidus was supposed to be the pilot for Oceanic 815. He overslept. His alarm didn't go off. The Island still got him in the end. But Ilana is not happy with Ben - I suppose we'll learn a lot more about her relationship with Jacob shortly. We seem to think that she's going to execute Ben - but, I doubt that.

She ties something to his boot. Pick up the log and start digging up the grave. Ben murdered Jacob, so she wants him to dig a grave - for himself.

But not for long - Chapter 19: East Indian Trading Company? Expanded over Corn Wallaces' (Wallace? - 108?) Alex is wicked-smart, according to Ben. She needs a letter of reference from someone who went to Yale to get into Yale - and she seems to believe Principal Reynolds is a "pervert." Principal Reynolds and the nurse were getting down in the nurse's office. Could this be Ben's chance to overrule the unworthy leader of his school?

Back on the Island - Ben's digging away- and Ilana is trooping around like a Hyena. Miles is happy to feed him, he's kind of a good guy. Ben says he can get off the Island and a vast network of resources - but Miles can get at Nikki and Paulo's diamonds, so bribing him doesn't matter. Miles says that Jacob cared about dying right up until Linus stabbed him - he hoped that Ben wouldn't do it.

Richard and Hurley and Jack are walking along - Richard was given a gift from Jacob. They've made it to the Black Rock (c'mon answers about Richard!). Everyone at the Temple's dead, so Richard brings them to the Black Rock. Richard had just come from the Temple and there were no survivors - none of the candidates, though, were found dead there. They weren't there. Richard is astonished that Hurley speaks to Jacob - but Richard warns Hurley - don't believe Jacob.

And then he walks back to the Black Rock because he's got something to do: die.

For the record, Nik Kulemin just scored in overtime so the Leafs could be the Bruins. Now you know. 9:30 p.m. even. Nice!

Arzt is flunking students when Ben shows up. Ben wants to hack a faculty account (the nurse's) to see about her correspondences. Ben needs Arzt to help him get the principal's job - but Arzt has some demands - better parking, aprons, stuff like that. Linus is a real killer.

Though on the Island he's still stuck digging his own grave, in the rain no doubt. Back at the Black Rock, Richard is slinking through the Brig - and Jack follows him in with a lantern (lit, foolishly). Richard had been here before - this is the first time he'd been back.

He finds dynamite - and pockets some. Hurley wants to leave, but Jack isn't ready to leave. Richard can't kill himself, even though he really wants to, so he wants the others to. Jacob touched him, it's considered a gift - it's not a gift at all -it's a curse. Richard wants to die because he devoted his life, longer than you can imagine, in service of a man who believed that everything happened for a reason. Richard has lost faith in Jacob.

He can't kill himself - but Jack could light the dynamite for him. So Jack lights to dynamite's fuse for Richard - but it's an ultimatum to get Richard to talk. Jack's not going to leave until he gets what he wants!

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So the fuse is running - and Hurley's wetting his pants. Then he runs a mile away. Jack doesn't think either one of them are going to die. He believes his name on the Lighthouse means something important - it was Jacob's lighthouse. Can Jack make a believer out of Richard? Can his faith in Jacob come through? It does. Is it good enough for Richard? Want to try another stick?

So now what? We go back to where we started [where Oceanic 815 crashed].

At the beach camp - Linus is still digging, but this time we can hear the Smoke Monster coming. And here's Terry O'Quinn. He's visiting- looks like Terry's going to offer Linus a deal. Ilana is Jacob's bodyguard - but O'Quinn doesn't want Ben to die. He's gathering a group to leave this place for good, but once they're gone, someone will have to be in charge of the place for good.

Suddenly his chains break off. O'Quinn wants Ben to meet him at the Hydra Island - and even left a rifle nearby for him to overtake Ilana. So he runs for it.

Sideways: Linus has Reynold's emails, perhaps? Ah - the principal is about to be ousted. Is this the guy from Ghostbusters? Ben manipulates Reynolds to get his job. But Reynolds seems like he's equally manipulative. Reynolds will sacrifice Alex's future if Linus goes through with this plan.

Island: he's running through the jungle, he finds the rifle: and he gets Ilana to surrender. Is he a killer? He wants to explain himself. I know what you're feeling. I watched my daughter Alex die in front of me, and it was my fault. I had a chance to save her, but I chose the Island over her. All in the name of Jacob. I sacrificed everything for him and he didn't even care. I stabbed him, I was so angry, confused, I was terrified that I was going to lose everything that mattered to me in my power, but the thing that really mattered was already gone. I'm sorry that I killed Jacob, I am, and I do not expect you to forgive me, because I can never forgive myself.

Just let me leave. To Locke - because he's the only one that will have me.

But, Ilana will have him. And he follows her.

Commercials: heading into the last 10 minutes...
Ben is in Reynold's office - Alex comes by to thank Reynolds for his incredible letter of recommendation. But Reynolds went all out. Linus didn't sacrifice Alex's future after all. Ben gets a small victory - he gets history club back out of manipulating Reynolds. Arzt is welcome to Ben's parking space if he wants it.

Back on the Island - Ben has followed Ilana back to the beach camp. They all seem weird to see him. (But they're closer to the outriggers - from Season 5). He seems eager to help, he's a different man. He's like the Napoleon from his lecture at the beginning of the episode. Lapidus and Miles are chilling - and Miles has dug up the diamonds from Nikki and Paulo. And Jack and Hurley have arrived - it looks like things could be okay for them. Plus they've got Richard on their side - that can't hurt, considering Richard can't die.

Sun is happy to see Hurley - I guess it's been a long week or so since they were split up after the Ajira crash. Does Jack know Ilana? He seems unsure of trusting Ben -

Then a shot of the Ocean - this would be a submarine? It's watching them. Who's in the sub? There's people on the beach - it's Widmore!!!!!!!

he's got a plan of some sort - a plan that his crewmates think twice about when they notice that there are people on the Island. YIKES. and COOL.

Bam - Lost

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